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Kaboom Holy Releases His Popular, Heavy Metal, Drill Music at Private Listening Party

While sitting comfortably in a rolling chair, decked in gold regalia, Kaboom Holy cloaked with a contemplated look on his face during his musical set held at 900 North Carolina Music Factory Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28206 on March 5th, 2022.

Kaboom Holy was beguiled, while encircled by radio personalities, publicist, bloggers and supporters that wanted to hear new music from the young artist, who’s rap style and casual wears, are moderately unconventional. He’s more of an earthy and retro vibe that’s not too flashy except for his iced necklace, watch, and bracelet.

Video Credits: @ogwildmanteddyt333/Instagram


Kaboom Holy, native of Fayetteville, North Carolina, fell in love with music after a close friend introduced him to productions when he was about 15-years-old. From there he created, and sold his own beats.

The rapper has gone on record many times by saying he committed violent offenses as a youth. Therefore, he wasn’t serious about the profession until he caught an indictment charge, which triggered mental health problems that he couldn’t shake.

He jumped back onto the music scene with an agenda, and a lethal state of mind dedicated to evolving his talents. In 2018 Kaboom Holy launched “XXVI-CMX The Label” which is Roman numerals “Twenty-Six-Nine-Ten.” He's launched several businesses within the last few years including a clothing line.


Video Credits: @ogwildmanteddyt333/Instagram

Entranced, Kaboom Holy studied his own sound as the DJ willed sonnets from his latest album, to play over loud speakers for about 30 minutes. His thick wilding dreads flowed past his shoulders though unmoved as he bobbed his head up and down to the limericks and beats.

His facial gestures remained fixed, and often perturbed like a professor demanding the best from his pupils, the audience… his artistic schmood deadlocked.

The DJ played 12 unreleased songs from the rappers catalog #XxviCmx (Twenty Six Nine Ten), a sonically vociferous collection of effectual heavy metal/rap, and drill music. Drill music is commonly used by artist in places like Chicago and New York, but rarely seen by rappers in the rural south. By bridging heavy metal with that type of rap, Kaboom Holy disbursed a lyrical combustion, interlinked or maybe energized with relatable hood fables.

For added engagement, Kaboom Holy used a numerical system so that listeners could rate the music on a scale by downloading a link to their phone, that sends the metrics directly to the rappers management team. The marketing strategy is a thunderous step up when considering the tastebuds of the listener verses the feelings of an artist when selecting singles for internet, and terrestrial release.

After delivering the spirited tracks, Kaboom performed along with the last single emancipated from his methodical inventory, before showing long awaited video for buzz single, “Captain Diamond,” featuring Money 2x. The song garnered 80,000 views on YouTube. His global fan base boasts to that success. Numbers don’t lie.

Instagram: @KaboomHoly

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