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Husband, Zo The Goat, Gifts His Wife Mary Seats 33k in Stock & 15 Billboards Around Atlanta #Winning

Ladies, most men get their significant other a purse, a cake, or even a car if they want to splurge for their birthday, but this husband went all out for his wife! Credit Repair Guru Zo The Great went all out and got his wife Mary Seats (Mz. Skittlez)$33,000 in various stock. He also purchased 15 billboards across Atlanta to tell his wife happy birthday and support her business, "The Icing Agency." Because Mary wasn't able to travel to Tokyo due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Zo brought Tokyo to her in Atlanta! The billboard also read "You're Going To Tokyo." She had a surprise Tokyo-themed party with a few of celebrity friends, social distancing of course. Marketing and brand strategist Mary Seats, known as Mz Skittlez is the self-proclaimed Kris Jenner of Marketing. She has worked alongside longtime friend and client B. Simone and they have garnered millions together. Mary has a true eye for talent and marketing. In fact, she worked with B. Simone for an entire year without payment. The two built a foundation on friendship and trust that helped B. Simone garner her new-found success. Seats has been building her brand and countless others for years. In 2011, she launched her first company, Cupcake Mafia, with $300 to her name and now she says she is making millions for herself and others. Most recently, Seats sold hundreds of spots for a digital conference in less than 48 hours where she and a panel of experts equipped women with the information they need to blossom as entrepreneurs. “You can be a mom, a wife, or whatever it is you want to be. I used to want to find a poster woman for the ideal mom, wife, and unstoppable girl boss – and I honestly I couldn’t find it. So, I became it” she told Black Enterprise. Many will say that Mary has it all: the career, the family, the lifestyle; but she just wants to continue to be a pillar in her community and to empower women. For More Information on Mary Seats, Visit Follow Mz Skittlez on Instagram

Mz. Skittlez & Friends At Her Surprise Tokyo-Themed Birthday Party

Mz. Skittlez & B. Simone At Her Surprise Tokyo-Themed Birthday Party

Mz. Skittlez Looking At Her Billboard In Atlanta

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