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Humberly González Talks About Character on Fallen Angels Murder Club, Premiering on Lifetime Tonight

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

Fallen Angels Murder Club, a two-part movie kicks off tonight on Lifetime TV. It‘a a vexing installment where just when you think you know who done it, you realize that you have no idea.

The scene opens with a group of friends Hollis Morgan (Toni Braxton), Abby Caldwell (Lisa Berry), Miller Thornton (Rainbow Sun Francks), Gene Donovan (Yanic Truesdale), Rena Gabriel (Humberly Gonzale), Rory Sharma (Raoul Bhaneja), who appear successful. They just finished a book that they had been reading as a collective.

You learn that the faction, is more connected than what meets the eye.

During the sanguine celebrations, Rory (Raoul Bhaneja), the host of the party makes a toast, “You jerks are the best jerks I know, and I wouldn’t want anyone else in my corner.”

That preadmission sets the tone for a grappling chain of events that’s somewhat advantageous for the spectator, where you realize that seeds of deception are being planted.

Rory (Raoul Bhaneja) pulls out a box of expensive cigars that jog Hollis’s (Toni Braxtons) memory, and not in a good way. Hollis confronts Rory about the cigars after the party. Although taken aback, Rory cautions Hollis to mind her own business, that she doesn’t want to know about his dark lifestyle— Hollis is defiant and dejects his request with words of rebellion, that she intends to get to the bottom of it. Bear in mind, that the small dispute stems from a box of twenty-thousand dollar cigars.

From that heated argument, everything seemed to go awry for the members of the Fallen Angels Book Club, because they all play a role in the scandal, that seem to set this entire train-wreck of events into motion.

Like Hansel and Gretel, trekking through the darkened and irksome forest, folks get landscape view by picking up the breadcrumbs, that movie producers toss out, all the way down the rabbit hole of deception, intrigue, and no doubt… murder.

It’s a deep thrombosis of hemorrhaging messiness, which concludes the second installment of Fallen Angels Murder Club: Hero’s and Felons (April 9, 2022).

Viewers learn more than what they bargained for— when the truth finally sets the remaining members of the book club free.

Speaking with Humberly González recently, she talks about role in comparison to other characters she’s played in the past.

The Venezuelan-Canadian actress is gushingly popular. She‘s no stranger to adapting to scenery, jumping into character and bringing out the best that her persona has to offer. González is thespian, dancer, musician and vocal artist that appeared in Orphan Black, Saving Hope, Far Cry 6, Utopia Falls, and Netflix series Ginny and Georgia.

Grammy® winner Toni Braxton returns to Lifetime this April to executive produce and star in the Fallen Angels Murder Club anthology movie series as Hollis Morgan, an ex-con turned amateur sleuth set out to investigate a series of murders at her book club. The first movie, Fallen Angels Murder Club: Friends to Die For premieres on Saturday, April 2 and will be followed by the second installment, Fallen Angels Murder Club: Heroes and Felons on Saturday, April 9.The movies are based on the books Fallen Angels Book Club by R. Franklin James.

Fallen Angels Murder Club: Friends to Die For

Premieres Saturday, April 2 at 8/7C

In the first installment, the members of the Fallen Angels Murder Club must have two things in common - a love for books and have a criminal record. Hollis Morgan (Braxton) meets both requirements. Left holding the bag in an insurance fraud scheme concocted by her ex-husband, Hollis served her time and now hopes the court will pardon her conviction so she can fulfill her dream of becoming a lawyer. But when a member of her book club is murdered in a scene straight out of the previous night’s novel, Hollis becomes the subject of police scrutiny. Refusing to get stuck with another bad rap, Hollis sets out to investigate her fellow club members and after a second book-inspired murder, she races to identify the killer before she becomes the next victim. Also stars Eddie Cibrian (Northern Lights, CSI Miami).

Fallen Angels Murder Club: Heroes and Felons

Premieres Saturday, April 9 at 8/7C

In the second movie, the Fallen Angels Murder Club must band together again as they search for answers surrounding the death of one of their own. Hollis finds herself at the center of the investigation when a journalist reporting on the murder also winds up dead. As bodies begin to stack up, and Hollis connects the dots, she must solve the murders before it's too late. Kelly Hu also stars. (List of a Lifetime, Scorpion King).

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