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From the Creators of War Room Comes Inspirational Film “The Forge”

Just in time for Father's Day, Sony Pictures’ AFFIRM Films, Provident Films, and the Kendrick Brothers present the "MEET THE MEN OF THE FORGE" video featurette/ extended trailer. This special release introduces audiences to the remarkable group of men who bring the film's powerful message of mentorship and discipleship to life.

Set to debut in theaters on August 23, THE FORGE is a bold, inspirational drama about the power of mentorship that takes place in the same cinematic world as WAR ROOM, the 2015 hit film that claimed the #1 spot on the North American box office charts.

The cast of THE FORGE includes Priscilla Shirer (WAR ROOM), Cameron Arnett (OVERCOMER), Karen Abercrombie(WAR ROOM) and newcomer Aspen Kennedy. Also starring T.C. Stallings(WAR ROOM), BJ Arnett, Ken Bevel (COURAGEOUS), Former NFL star Benjamin Watson, Jonathan Evans, Jerry Shirer and Tommy Woodard (FAMILY CAMP).

In the film, we meet a small group of men who challenge one another as they mentor a group of young believers. This video introduces the real-life men chosen to portray these roles: fathers, pastors, retired professional athletes, actors, and businessmen. Among them are Watson, Shirer (husband of the film's star Priscilla Shirer), Stallings and more—all following Christ both on screen and in their daily lives, some joined by their real life sons A.C. Stallings (T.C.’s son), K.J. Bevel (Ken’s son), and Jude Shirer (Jerry and Priscilla’s son).

Offering a rich, emotionally resonant story that highlights the vital role of mentorship, faith, and the transformative impact of fathers and father figures in shaping the next generation, in "Meet The Men of The Forge" viewers hear from these Dads about their experiences in their own words. In one clip, Watson shares an inspiring story about the power of discipleship from his days in the NFL:

"In 2015, I was playing for the New Orleans Saints, and there were a couple guys on our team who were fairly new believers...They'd ask questions, we'd try to answer them, that sort of thing. Well, at the end of that season, these two guys said they wanted to be baptized. Of all my NFL memories, that probably sticks out the most, just because it was discipleship. We were peers. We had the same life experiences, spent a lot of time with each other. We were able to watch each other's lives to see if we were truthful to the things that we profess."

"The Forge" is a compelling exploration of the human spirit and the power of mentorship to shape and transform lives. It delves into themes of perseverance, faith, and the importance of embracing one's potential. The film will be released exclusively in theaters nationwide on August 23, with tickets on sale now.

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