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DTM Spencer, Atlanta’s Newest Haute Topic in the Rap Game

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Whether spittin rhymes, being fashionable or providing entertainment for her large following, DTM Spencer is doing it "Too Cool" as the next big artist rising from Atlanta, Georgia.

The talented 18-year-old recently graduated high school, and now she’s on her way to college; but while pursuing her degree, she’s also trailing destiny.

Circa 2020 or early 2021, DTM Spencer started freestyling, by responding to an undesired diss track, that someone created about her online.

Instead of taking it to the streets like old school, Spencer served a vicious response, cutting her opponent so deeply, that the retorted limerick went viral.

DTM Spencer made headway when Triller videos were populer. She parleyed with fans on TikTok before the saltivating response that sent her following into uptick frenzy. The rapper currently has over 150,000 followers on Instagram, 200,000 via Tiktok.

Becoming more than just another soundbite, the lyricist explains the acronym and action behind the DTM in her stage name… ‘DTM stands for Do the Most. It used to stand for ‘Do too much,” shares the lyricist. “But I wanna make (it) into more like, positive. I just do the most; So, basically, I’m just extra. I do the most, and I’m just that girl.”

“When I was little, it’s a video of me saying I wanted to be on the Disney channel, and I use to sing Zendaya in my living room,” says Spencer when asked what she wanted to be when she grew up… “Listening to her, I just wanted to be an actor— and then when I got into like second gradei-sh, I wanted to enter in a talent show--- and that’s when I kinda first started dabbling into music.”

The vivacious lyricist credits her dad for allowing her to listen to artist like Nicki Minaj, Beyoncé, and Jay Z, when she was about six. However, as Spencer hit middle school, it was all about female MC’s like wordsmith Killumanati, freestyle Queen, Omerreta-- and, Queen of The Rap Game, Big Latto. If she could perform with an artist, it’s with Killumanati, and Flau’Jae from the same popular show as Latto.

Spencer is managed by her mother @momadtm.. MOMA-DTM, was concerned with Spencers calling as a emcee although she’s remained supportive, 10 toes down. “In a way she’s very pushy, and gets on my nerves, but I love her a lot and the fact that she cares," Spencer utters lovingly. "A lot of people don’t have a good support team.”

The rapper comes from a multicultural background where she’s Asian and Black. Spencer clarifies that the different ethos, which is like Nicki Minaj, grants her more freedoms as a cultural educator and, artist, to edify folks about those dynamics of her lineage, by quenching their curiosity, while encouraging them to try new things.

Spencer promises to promote more on YouTube and social media to get followers acquainted with who she is as an influencer, and an artist where they learn things like the reason she doesn’t coin herself as a hip hop artist… “I consider myself a rapper, and I say that because… ‘When you’re a rapper, you can rap on anything. You can literally get on a pop song and just start rapping, but you’re still a rapper. A hip hop artist is kind of, just of that genre—like just hip hop, making music, trap music in a way. That’s kinda what I think about when I think about hip hop.”

Spencer released two songs on YouTube that were cute bops relevant to the times, like Kickback where Spencer had a little gathering instead of attending school. Relax, is a cautionary follow-up to the track-- A prompt reminder to take a break from “Doing the most.”

In addition to the high school anthems, Spencer says her latest buzz single, “Too Cool,” is a mature track. It's a clever limerick dedicated to the young women of this generation, who are focused on the wrong principles, where they should band together as a unit, instead of beefing over dudes.

On "Too Cool," Spencer starts the track, "How you friends, and you fightin over the same n**a?" It's a loaded question of why, that opens the door for transactional dialogue about the fallouts between friends over the smallest spats.

Spencer continues with more wordplay expressing empowerment, money, success, chiming she's too cool for the foolishness.

Spencer took time to nurture the verses-- she rides the beat eloquently but, forcefully even as a newbie artist, which gives her amo, and a bulletproof vest for lyrical warfare and sparring/ freestyles. Spencer displays nothing but growth from her nimble raps as a fledgling in the game.

Spencer is manifesting and making aspiring moves. Although she’s winning, the triumphs come with major challenges.

The rapper crashed her car December 2022, that caused critical injures. Spencer didn’t really plug fans into the severity of the accident, choosing to remain positive in the face of hardship… “I do feel like, I was given a second chance because that car accident was like very bad,” she says. “And it could’ve went a million-and-one different ways, and for me to be able to walk away, almost, just about, completely normal except for the fact that I have a little metal rod in my leg; but, other than that the doctor said I‘m completely normal. Like, there is literally nothing that I can’t do—and so, I feel like, I’ve literally been given a chance. I need to settle down. I need to get serious and achieve everything I know that I can grasp. Like, clearly this little hundred-thousand, and two-hundred-thousand followers I got is not the end of my story, because if it was, I would not still be here.”

The young emcee is stepping on necks with beauty, brains, self-awareness, and spirituality, which has helped with her journey into uncharted territory as a professional rapper. She's making definite sure to accomplish her goals now-- her dreams are not on deferment.

Spencer is dropping the track, and visuals for “Too Cool “ very soon. She's working on new material, acting, while snatching up brand contracts… “We just trying to turn up,” she says.

Watch the entire interview here:

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