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Courtney J Releases Sensual and Soulful Album Called "Process."

Courtney J released "Come Over" on August 28th. It's a churning single remarked as a fan-favorite, spawning from her debut album, Process, which released September 4, 2020 on all Digital Platform Services. The ten track album includes "Anxious," "Addicted," and teaser, "Come Over" which is the suptle response to the 1994 classic, "Meeting in My Bedroom (Silk).

Process is a syllepsis expression of Courtney J’s experiences with love and music. Process compiles sultry R&B songs with unique titles that collectively describe a deeply intimate relationship. Each song conspire together by highlighting the phases of love and finding the one you can't live without. Courtney J is a hopeless romantic by true definition. She uses that wistful inspiration to take listeners on a melodic ride filled with emotions that might have them trippin over their own personal relationships.

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