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Costa Rican Rapper Lonny Cash, Crossed Over to the US, & It’s Been Up Ever Since.

Lonny Cash relocated from San José, Costa Rica with his family when he was 10 years old. The young boy couldn’t speak, and much less, understand English like any new migrant.

Even with that disadvantage, the sound of hip hop, and the swirling words of defiance, excitement, love and joy, caught his attention. The limericks snaked on his ear drums, while captivating him deeper than animations playing on television.

“Growing up in Costa Rica, we listened to nothing but Reggae music,” explains Cash, when asked about his love for hip hop. “My mom’s husband, him, and his twin brother, had like, twin turntables in his basement with a mic and everything. I told him… look, man. I want to do that. Remind you, at the time, I barely knew English or anything. So, like, he gave me a pad and a pen. He told me to write.”

The rapper grew inspired after listening to Jay Z and Lil Wayne, which prompted him to scribe the lyrics, and rap for his stepdad, whom let the 12-year-old, record in their studio a little after that.

The rhymester fashioned a rap style that’s comical, romantic, and descriptive depending on the vibe and, music.

Lonny Cash made a record with soulful vocalist, Angie Stone, through happenstance, where he added Spanish to the track to mark his verse authentically.

The rapper released a series of projects and singles, but out of the records spanning from the last 8 years, he says breakout album, Foreign Policy (2015) stretched him the most.

“When creating an EP, I don’t force it. I just let it happen, and like sometimes, I’ll get beats from producers... like, I’ll get a track. I’ll listen and I’ll skip through a lot f them, and I’ll get that one, and I’m like yeah, this is it; and all the words will just start pouring out.” Lonnie goes on to say that sometimes he uses old beats, that’s sitting in reserves to make a good song.

Recently, the songster released "Adios," a symbolic salute to Costa Rico.

Lonny Cash reached out to Benzino (rapper, Love & Hip Hop, who liked the track. Benzino laid a verse on the remix for the song… “Then I got on the phone with DJ BJ, which is one of the hottest DJ’s out here in Detroit, and next thing you know it was all on the radio.”

"Adios" is an interchangeable club banger, that’s verbalized in English with Spanish subs. The beat is trebled down, to allow Lonny more space to rap freely over the tones, that's exciting and fast paced.

The visuals for the track is a chronicle of Lonny escaping the ruins of who he was as a man, to seize where he is now, leading to success.

“Adios” earned a movie score for an urban action flick, ‘Always Consequences" airing on TUBI.

Lonny Cash doesn’t want to attract negative energy with his music. He says he’s very organic and prefers to make music that’s redolent. “I just have fun with it, and it seems like everything I been doing, like, it’s taken me in the right direction, and people love it.”

Speaking of the devotees that love his work, soulful singer, Angie Stone affirmed the rapper, telling him through a rather serendipitous studio session that he was destined to become a star.

Lonny is releasing erotic single “Deep Throat (Produced by Squat) this fall stemming from new EP lady’s Love Cash, in addition to a succession of vibrant singles in honor of his origin Costa Rico.

Watch the entire interview here.

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