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Chopping It Up With Rolling Loud Artist, Chef Sean

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

Authoritative songwriter, hip hop artist, producer, and businessman Chef Sean (Sean Hutchinson) had an amity for hip hop... “The whole creative process, is what brings me, and drags me to music. I love to create. You know, just writing scripts— just writing, man. I love it,” he says.

Although a superb lyricist, Chef Sean wasn’t always a craftsman of rhyming. He caught a resonating break at the age of 11 when he auditioned for the role as younger Jason in 1994 Urban classic, Jason’s Lyric.’

While playing the role of a determined, and protective big brother over younger brother Joshua (Bokeem Woodbine), Sean learned the significance of things like method acting while studying under the guidance of award-winning actor, writer and director, Forest Whitaker, in addition to the late actress, Suzanne Douglass (Jason’s mom Gloria).

“I would see him (Forest Whitaker) when we weren’t working at the hotel, and he was still (character) Maddog. When I got home, I was still Sean. I was me. I was the kid, you know, that wasn’t Jason. When he saw me in the hotel, in the hallway, or the lobby, he still addressed me as his son, Jason. You know, he was still Maddog the whole time,” says Chef Sean, reflecting on the art of expressive performances, that Whitaker taught him while filming… “So, I learned a lot about method acting and staying in character, and not breaking character.”

Chef Sean procured other roles, “I did, teeth & blood. I was like some kick a** cop fighting vampires,” laughs Chef Sean. Teeth & Blood was the rhymester’s largest role. He played in a movie There Are No Children Here, HARPO Studios, including ABC crime series, Missing Persons.


Chef Sean released album, My Life, which includes projects with Jeremih, Harmony Samuels, Ray Garrison, Tin Man on the Beat, and SLICK music just to name a few slayers from his armory.

His latest single “Runaway (featuring Ben Official & BZ Bwai) is the reminder that we’re still evolving in warmer climate. It’s the brisk island tonic we’ve been looking for that weds Caribbean music with unwinding lyrics from Chef Sean.

The artist switches directions on his single FLEXX OFF,” where he rhymes more potently with a pulse rolling like an autotune, that’s completely dissimilar than his cadence on Runaway. This gives Chef Sean wiggle room to explore other genres, while switching up his flow. Therefore, listeners will puff on his lyrics slowly like it’s a Davidoff cigar—neither bored nor rushed, just vibin to the songs.

“The album is doing wonders for right now. I’m happy I got one out,” Chef Sean remarks.

Chef Sean is artistic, and sonically synced with his music… “I like to be myself. I like to push the agenda. I wanna push the culture. So, if I push it, you have to come with something newer. You have to create something different than what’s being played, and what’s being made so that’s my agenda.”

Chef Sean was Core DJ’s Artist of the Year in 2020. He’s performed in many arenas including Rolling Loud—He opened the stage for Juicy J at the 2022 BET Awards. Atop of the performances, the lyricist is lead hip hop artist in Rock Group called Chef Sean & Blaze since 2015, where his flow is amplified against the howling triumphs of acoustic guitars and the rasping annotations of his bandmates.

Chef Sean & Blaze Stash In The Hoopty accounts for that expressive cohesion.

The rapper says that he learned the art of performance with the group… “Now, with the rock music, you know, I can say… it taught me a lot. It taught me stage presence cause I was in front with that rock band; and it just taught me to entertain. So, when I started doing my own music and going hip hop, it really rubbed off. My music wasn’t exactly where I wanted to be with the rock, but it helped me get to where I needed to be.”

Chef Sean is releasing more singles to keep the listeners engaged. He’s also dispensing his own marijuana called “Legal Pothead.” “Hopefully, the weed will be in stores everywhere. Right now, its in about three or four stores,” he talks about his latest venture.

Watch Entire Interview Below:

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