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CHINÒ ARTÈ Fashion Weekend 2021

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Photo Credits: Jorge Alvarez Washington/ Model & Red Carpet Correspondent Jennifer Michelle and Designer CHINÒ

Known for his colorful and bold ambition when applied to fashion, CHINÒ does it again with his 2-day extravaganza running from June 11th until June 12th with a meet and greet on June 10th, just to go over the rundown for the fabulous red carpet showing.


CHINÒ ARTÈ let's delve into this bit by bit.

On June 10, 2021, CHINÒ hosted a media day at the Double Tree Hotel South Park (Charlotte, NC) where participants had the opportunity to meet a few star runners for the event, like Harriet Braxton Washington.

Photo Credits: Jorge Alvarez Washington/Harriet Washington on the right

Washington comes from awe-inspiring beginnings and robust imagination, that stoked her passion to do more in life. “Having an agency has always been a lifelong dream for me,” she says. Harriet said that even in the 80’s, she wanted to model clothing, so her mother, who believed in her dream, put Washington through modeling school. Washington carved out her own lane as she got older to further her desires by founding Elan Modeling Management, LLC. [formerly Elan Modeling Troop] based in Charlotte, NC.

Models from the Elan Modeling Modeling Management, LLC walked the runway at CHINÒ ARTÈ fashion show, while Washington hosted the commencement on June 11th. You could spot her faction of students because they were graceful, calm, and serving looks.

See interview with Washington while she talks about self-love and modeling techniques that she offers with Elan Modeling Management, LLC.


Up-and-coming artist, Kayyo FTN, shared a few words about his performances for the cabaret.

“I’m from Chester, SC, and I’ve been doing music since the fifth grade,” he says. “I work a full-time 9-to-5.” It was fortuitous that Kayyo and CHINÒ met. “I guess the energy I gave off,” he remarks. “I always told myself when I do meet somebody, to always give a good impression.”

CHINÒ knew that Kayyo FTN had something dynamic to offer. Unbeknownst to him, Kayyo was a fiery rhymester who understood the anecdote to making it in the industry, which is saying yes to every opportunity, and it paid off for both CHINÒ and Kayyo FTN.

See more from Kayyo FTN here.

Kayyo FTN shared the stage with artist throughout the weekend, including Major Maestro, Big ligiee, and Bandit the Rapper.

Click on the names to see interview from each performer.


Donna Rentz is publicist and CEO for Sisters in Motion Marketing inc. She is another behind the scenes key player for CHINÒ ARTÈ Fashion Weekend.

Rentz started Sisters in Motion inc., with her sibling years ago. She’s been part of many local organization including R&B Live & Charlotte’s Black Film Festival.

See full interview here.

Photo Credits: Jorge Alvarez Washington/ From left to right: Maestro, Jennifer Michelle, Big ligee, Kayyo FTN

CHINÒ understood the assignment, he delivered on the mission when he presented the fashion show at Project 658 Center ( 3646 Central Avenue, Charlotte, NC). He used familiar faces to conduct red carpet interviews like modeling coach and fashion correspondent, Jennifer Michelle, in addition to media personality and socialite, Jazzy B.

Of course, there were other photographers that captured the garnering details of the show, but none that caroused the models to tap into their pose, their vogue, their serious face, like Jorge Alvarez Washington. He roared three words, “Work! Work! Work!” before the models stopped in front of the camera. He cued them to give more energy before resting into their final posture—a phenomenal improv for sure. Every fashion show needs a charged cameraman like Jorge.

The CHINÒ fashions basked above all others, flaming at creativity and individuality with his evening wears, especially. CHINÒ says that he mixed the old with the new, to produce a tasteful and exquisite clothing line.

CHINÒ used all teens in the past, but this time, he adorned the runway with a mixture of tweens and toddlers, who ripped it wearing CHINÒ ARTÈ. “Keep it simple and cute.” That statement best describes the tots, where they sauntered in daywear, blinging pastels, big ruffles and floral dresses, while the little gents wore plaid suits, which made them appear astute and adorbs. The kiddos were able to wear Teflon material, which is more breathable and less wrinkly specifically for the stylish toddler on the go.

Watch video here.

The kids stood out much, but there were several eye-catching pieces from the teens that really prevailed like this sky-blue garb with awry bowlike cuts all the way to the shoulder—Very posh and accentuating. On night two, CHINÒ used a similar style in a peach color, that had a dainty six-inch split in the back.

Watch video here.

Oh, how we loved the two-piece skirt-set, where four buttons trailed the hip area leading to the waistline. Instead of doing a top with snaps, CHINÒ sewed a black cloth overlay down the center of the shirt. It extended to the right side of the models’ shoulder, and flattened into a collar. CHINÒ added four buttons extending from the models chest to her collarbone on the opposite side. It draped nicely and seamlessly.

The boys fashion hit in a more majestic and noble manner, reminiscent to the 80’s asymmetric patterns, colorful lining and zippers.

As for the young ladies, CHINÒ included large hats to some of his collections, where you didn’t necessarily need them, but if you had to mix and match, the floppy hats were essential to the look. CHINÒ served up toreador rompers instead of traditional bellbottoms, which is more classic and conservative for the diva, no doubt.

Watch video here.

Another standout piece is the red and white, asymmetrical, caped, romper. It’s glamorous and, a must have for red carpet sophistication.

Day two of the fashion show sanctioned higher splits, pleats and formal wear from the CHINÒ ARTÈ collection.

Watch video here.

CHINÒ stuck to color blocking mostly with blue, black, red, purple, peach, green and white. He used mesh, ruffles, lace, and tasteful sequin on a couple of his dresses. Although the darling dress came at the end of the show. It was a dazzling red gown that stopped at the knees, adorning with mesh and a small train trailing behind—very regal.

Photo Credits: Jorge Alvarez Washington/CHINÒ ARTÈ Caped Romper worn by Jennifer Michelle

There were many other artsy and inventive styles from the show, which we hope to see more in the future. CHINÒ ARTÈ by Wayne is stroke of genius, where he continues to be an ambiguous face in the world of fashion.

Visit Chinò Artè By Wayne for more styles here.

Chinò Artè By Wayne Facebook here.

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