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Celine Boom Talks Life, Dance, & Bringing the Explosive Moves to NETFLIX Newest Series Dance 100

There’s so much detail that goes into the creation of the most memorable dance performances when contending against the best of the best, like bomb choreography, clean character, timing, technique, transitions, and translation—Does the performance tell the story, and well?

Take the competition out of it, for the sake of entertainment. If you recall the famous artists whose routines were luminous to the imagination that were absurdly impeccable, strumming from the last 30 years, there were only 7 avant guards that executed this type of choreography, along with their dancers, at master level... Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Chris Brown, Ciara, Missy Elliot, and more recently, Beyoncé (Coachella), and Rihanna.

The same is clear for street performers, where it’s a melee of animation (1984 Breakin/ Electric Boogaloo), and the art of dance interlaced on beat, no matter the complexity of the sequence—It’s a series of intense frames, delivered on demand .

Judges, for the Netflix Dance 100 airing March 17, 2023, will take all these things into consideration as they not only watch, but train elect dancers from all over the world, while composing jaw-dropping routines of their own for a chance to win one hundred thousand dollars.

The season opener will enclose 6 episodes hosted by Ally Love, of the weekly battle, where they go toe-to-toe while proving who’s supreme in the dancing wars while using performers that hit the stage with Missy Elliot (Work it), Rhianna (Think, Superbowl Performance 2023) Kelly Clarkson (Billboard Music Award), Jennifer Lopez (Fly Girl from Living Color), Cardi B (Wap), Lizzo (Good as H**l), just to dote on the nature of the artistes, and what viewers can anticipate with each chartbuster show.

(Top) left to right: Akira Armstrong, Max Pham, Celine "Boom" Edmondson, Janick Arseneau, Kennan Cooks.

(Bottom) left to right: Rex Kline Brandi Chun, and Rudy Garcia.

Celine "Boom" Edmondson, a name that twinkles even under pressure, danced her way to the top since the age of 12, even training under Earvin Mosely at Ivan Ailey Dance Academy.

Celine earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in dance at the University of the Arts. She landed on hype squad, the Brooklynettes after one tryout, and began dancing with the Brooklynette (Brooklyn Nets), killing it becoming the Assistant Coach, and Resident Choreographer for the team.

Let’s call a spade a spade… Celine came to win, while never, ever, pumping the brakes for success. Why would she? After getting spoon-fed the negative commentary and unnecessary sentiments, that dancing wasn’t the best career path, Celine proved the doubters wrong in the most pleasurable way possible, through victory.

“I was a straight A high school, and all of my teachers—one in particular would tell me that I was too smart to go to school to be a dancer,” Boom recollects. “And, you know, I would get full rides, and really, really, great scholarship packages from other prestigious universities. And, I actually got a full ride to the University of Connecticut, UConn; and, my father wasn’t too pleased that I turned that down to go to the university of the arts for dance; and, so, all of this negative feedback, I turned it into positive and I used it as fuel to really be successful in my career and show everybody, that it’s possible and that I can be successful.”

In 2016 Celine, and her Brooklynetts scored a calendar shoot in Barbados with Sports Illustrated. She performed at 2019 Global Games in China, 2020 NBA All Star Weekend.

Celine put the BOOM in everything she touches, especially her meteoric performances which allowed her majestic opportunities to perform and choreograph with artists like the Queen B, Lil Kim, DJ Khaled, Blackpink, Maluma, and Meghan Trainor.

She is one of the chosen 8, choreographers, that’s dancing and creating while boasting her abilities on national TV for Netflix Dance 100.

As impressive as her resume sounds, Celine Boom is also on faculty at Steps on Broadway Conservatory, where she teaches a weekly class.

“That’s been such an amazing thing to be able to inspire the youth and teach them in a way that I’ve been taught and pass, you know, those things down, pass that knowledge down. Um, I love to teach and it’s such an amazing part of my passion and purpose in life..." Celine shared.

Celine is a ferocious advocate for women’s empowerment, in addition to selfcare/self-love, so while she enjoys dancing, she loves cooking… “I just shine on a daily,” says Celine.

Although Celine is very confident, she battles with uncertainty like anyone else, but leaning into God, and staying focused on the manifestations of the journey, Celine agrees that there is no way that she can fail because the path was already set, and cemented, for her to walk on.

Click link below to watch entire interview:

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