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Celebrity Publicist, Yolanda Mac, Pens Stunning Memoir in 15-Author Anthology, “Wisdom Before Me.”

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

When writing the scribes for newest collaboration, "Wisdom Before Me.” Celebrity Publicist Yolanda Mac, remained “True to thy own self,” by emancipating readers through confessions, about her life and business practices.


Mac talks about a darkened past, that lit the fiery pathway to her current profession.


Speaking of history, as a woman that always propelled, Mac worked for a fortune 500 company.

In addition to that exemplary career path, Mac trained to become a minister, while serving on the usher board at her church—Mac established herself as a woman of value, the go-to person for anyone in need.

As for the company, according to Mac, she thought she'd retire with the company-- But, like any success story with a grey area, the company laid off its employees including Mac.


Although stunned, Mac wasn’t defeated—She sprang into activeness of doing something familiar, like schmoozing, and linking people with resources. Mac referred to her gift of the gab as a saving Grace.


Already armed with reserves, Mac secured her first client through word of mouth. She built a relationship, and fortified a distribution deal between the client, a self-published author, and (Vanessa Vargas) Customers Relations of Barnes & Noble Bookstore, Springfield, New Jersey.


Using savvy marketing strategies, and the desire to triumph, the independent author sold 500 books at the store’s location.


"That started me to ripple effect,” says Mac, “So, my very first account was Jesus, Gifts and Bookstore in Greenbrook, New Jersey. They, now, are in Islen, New Jersey. They are maybe a thirty or forty-five year-old bookstore.


Yolanda Mac has over fourteen years of experience as celebrity publicist, who signed the likes of Knockturnal (Rapper), Creep Dog (Rapper), Ron Killings (WWE Wrestler), and Dada 5000 (MMA Fighter), Robert Parham (5x world kickboxing champion) to name a few dignitaries.


The New Jersey native is co-author of self-help anthology "Wisdom Before Me.”

The book is written by 15 influential women, who lent a compilation of coming-to-age stories that helped them overcome their circumstances through healing, self-love, and perseverance, while journeying to become successful goal-achievers in their lines of work.


“For years, just over the last 15 or 18 years, that people have been telling me that I had to write my own book, and I know this sounds crazy… until this year, I was broken... Within the last two years, I was broken from family, friends, with everything” explains Mac, when asked how her story came about. “So, even though we don’t share that things are bothering us, all of those things happened to us, right? And so, I ran into this beautiful woman named Linda Bruns, and I met her last year-- and we were coming to do just regular business and she happened to share that she’s writing a book. I happened to share a couple of things. She said,Oh, my God! Yalonda, your story’s incredible!' and she said. ‘I’m going to encourage you to write that book.’


She did just that, and completed the book.

Mac released a personalized cover for the heartfelt compilation on a billboard at Times Square, NY.

The cover introduces her imprints, “Faith By Tribulations: They Never Heard the Gun,” a heart pounding memoir of adversities, including Mac’s near-death experiences, and the conquests that allowed her to publish the precious body of work.



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