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Bryan Abrams Former Lead Vocalist of Color Me Badd Sells Trademark in Undisclosed Settlement

Now in his third year of sobriety, Bryan Abrams, former lead singer and frontman of the multi-platinum, award-winning, Billboard chart-topping iconic 90’s R&B/Pop crossover group Color Me Badd, formally announced today that he has reached an undisclosed settlement with his former bandmate to sell the CMB trademark. Abrams effectively left the group in 2020, but stayed focused on his recovery and will now embark on a long-awaited solo career. Abrams has turned his focus toward empowering others to get healthy and to bring awareness to the injustices within substance use and mental health treatment through his music.

Abrams had been told repeatedly by medical professionals that if he wasn’t suicidal or homicidal, he wasn’t a candidate for getting help. “I had to get to the point of being suicidal in order to get support,” confided Abrams. “It should never have to go that far for an addict who wants treatment, or their family, to get the help they need.”

The settlement follows a lengthy federal lawsuit after tensions in the group boiled to the point of a media-sensationalized on-stage fallout. While enduring financial hardship as a result of the legal battle and the COVID-19 pandemic, Abrams spent the last several years taking power back over his life and focusing on his family, mental health and sobriety.

Abrams recounts passing up many opportunities over the last 30 years to record and perform as a solo act out of his commitment to the band he helped create, including turning down a recording deal offered by the late, legendary Andre Harrell.

“I’m grateful to be alive. At this point, my only focus is doing what I love, getting healthy and providing for my family,” Abrams shared candidly. “After a lifetime of struggling with addiction, I’m at the stage in my recovery where I want to inspire hope in others struggling with mental health, substance use and eating disorders.” In honor of upcoming National Recovery Month (September), Abrams plans to use his notoriety and artistry to speak out on his healing journey.

While he is unable to share details of the settlement, Abrams is prepared to open up vulnerably on details about overcoming his challenges with addiction, fame, fatherhood, depression and weight struggles. Abrams is actively recording, as well as pursuing film and book projects. He is available for speaking engagements, media interviews and special guest commentary.

About Bryan Abrams

Bryan Abrams is an internationally-recognized, Grammy-nominated, American Music Award and Soul Train Award-Winning R&B/Pop Singer-Songwriter with over 12 million albums sold worldwide, three Billboard #1 Hot 100 and R&B hits, and an inductee of the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame. Bryan is best known around the world as the original lead singer, frontman and founding member of the hit 90’s crossover group Color Me Badd. Having lived with addiction for over 25 years, Abrams has now put his focus on his mental and physical health, and proudly in his third year of recovery. He has dedicated his life and musical artistry to addiction awareness and mental healthcare advocacy, focusing on issues affecting minorities, marginalized and underserved communities, as well as philanthropy work.

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