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Brat & Judy Premiere Screening of 'Brat Loves Judy' on WE tv

The Secret is out…Rap Legend Da Brat and hair care mogul wife, Jesseca "Judy" Dupart, are having a baby!  However, the road to expanding their empire has been anything but simple. On this groundbreaking new season of Brat Loves Judy, airing Thursday’s at 9pm ET on WE tv, the newlywed couple gives fans unprecedented access into their personal lives, sharing all the incredible highs and disappointing lows during their first year of marriage. 

The power couple screened the premiere episode of season 3 live at Regal Atlantic Station in Atlanta, GA on premiere night, Thursday, April 27th. 

As Brat and Judy embark on a tumultuous IVF journey, fraught with health issues, unexpected challenges arise within their blended family. Judy's son moves in, unwittingly causing drama in their relationship and shining a light on the couple’s distinctly different parenting styles and upbringingsAmidst it all, the dynamic duo has also conceived a new hair care product line, “Kaleidoscope X Brat”…their first official collaboration. 


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