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Author Etrec J. White Release Newest Book, “Perspective” a Guaranteed Poetic Thrill-ride.

Etrec J. White is a copious poet, that spent over a decade writing and publishing poetry books. He’s released several narrated films.


White published “Emotions: Justified Writings (Ejw) 2012,” which takes readers down a path to love, lust, and dependencies… art imitating life.

In 2015, the Florida native released manuscript, “The Other Side of the Door Volume 1: Reflective.”

The book is an insightful manifesto, that talks about the links between feelings, compassion and mental confinement— The crux when you hold on to grudges, and don’t forgive.


Etrec J. White is a coach and full-time program manager, “I've always been myself and true to myself. I've always written. It’s just therapeutic for me,” he said.


White published “Scenes” in 2019, which thumps on the same vein as "Emotions: Justified Writings (Ejw)."

“When I write, they are from personal situations from my friends and I. I might just put different spins on the stories,” he said.


The newest tome, “Perspective,” hits a bit differently. The prelude provokes readers as action thriller, alluding to a more urbanization story. It's a fictionalized milieu of mishaps, relationships gone sour, the art of war and betrayal.

Readers are lured into the lives of two rambunctious brothers, who have a score to settle with an old family acquaintance.


White said, “Perspective was just a different story. I had a dream about the story, and just woke up and wrote it. This is definitely different, and out of the norm for me; plus, I wrote Perspective in two days. I couldn't stop once I started it, but because I wrote it in two days, I put it up for several years because I thought it was a blah story and no-one would believe I wrote what I did in two days.”


White published the book in paperback as well as a one-hour and thirty-nine minute audible. He uses the animated talents of Jason C. Johnson Sr, to narrate the tale. He delivers a false start to the opening, that lends a mischievous kickoff. White doesn’t depend on descriptive analogies, to entice the readers as conventional stories are generally written.

White scuttles away from traditional storytelling. He uses temperamental sensation instead, where he augments a heated riff throughout the fable using body language and facial expressions. The readers pick up on the uneasiness of the characters, which is witty and straight to the point-- And, like any good story, the plot thickens as the brothers search to find the answers, they’ve been looking for surrounding the deaths of their parents with the help of their Godfather— A distinguished gentleman with a seemingly British tone appears to keep tabs on the brothers in a ruse. He takes the family on a wild caper to either cover up the truth, finesse the remaining family or expose them.

By the end of the book readers will know that White did the groundwork on the protagonist and villains, and readers will have introspective, golden nuggets to live by— A poetic offering that only White could provide as indicative as Carmen: Hip Hoprea. However, the wordplay isn’t a jangly alliteration. It’s an equinox style where urban fiction crosses over to poetry.

“It was challenging at first,” explains White when asked about the difficulties writing the story… “But I told myself to challenge myself; so, as I kept writing, it became so much easier.”

White took a little longer to publish the book, because he battled with self-doubt… “I prayed, then promised myself to stay focused and locked in.”

The author hopes to have his work in local libraries but he’s content with self-publishing and connecting with his fans on a more intimate level. “I'm thinking about the library move but still on the fence about it.”

White is brainstorming on the next popular read: Perspective Part II.

“I'm thinking about doing a few signings just trying to check the bandwidth.”

Follow the author on IG at Certefied_poetry 

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