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Ariel Fitz-Patrick Releases New Single "God Love"

Singer, songwriter, and social media star Ariel Fitz-Patrick releases her new single– “God Love”-- to all streaming platforms. The song is her first to come from her new partnership with premier inspirational label Motown Gospel, which was announced earlier this year. This exciting drop builds on the viral momentum the Christian influencer’s song has gained recently on TikTok. 

"God Love" is available on all major digital streaming platforms: HERE.

In just two years, the Montreal native has amassed a devoted following of millions on social media with her remarkable ability to blend humor, creativity and most importantly, her spirituality. Through her engaging skits and videos, Ariel’s meteoric rise is a testament to her unique talent of touching people through her art and music. 

“Ariel is known by millions for her social media content, but music has always been at the forefront of her dreams and plans,” shares EJ Gaines, Executive Director, Motown Gospel. “She has a proven ability to engage her supporters, and I’m excited to see how they connect with her incredible musical gift.”

As a singer and songwriter, Ariel's creative journey is a reflection of her authenticity by weaving melodic compositions and heartfelt lyrics that continue to resonate deeply with her fans. “God Love” is the first dynamic offering from this emerging musical talent with more to come.

For more information:

IG: @ArielFitz.Patrick 

FB: ArielFitzPatrickOfficial

TikTok: @Ariel.Fitz 

About Ariel Fitz-Patrick:

Ariel Fitz-Patrick is a singer, songwriter and digital content creator born and raised in Montreal, Canada. She is known for her skits on TikTok, Instagram and Facebook where she goes by the name Ariel Fitz. Her videos are known for sharing the message of the Bible in a fun, relatable manner and—in just over a year—have collectively garnered her a worldwide following of over 3 million people across her socials.

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