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Vanessa Simmons, Clifton Powell & Karlie Redd Star in 'JUUG GONE WRONG' Available Now

Coming out the gate strong with Juug Gone Wrong, Director MarQues McConico might be your new favorite. McConico's first project which he also takes the lead in Juug Gone Wrong stars Clifton Powell, Vanessa Simmons, Karlie Redd, Jamal Woolard, Jessica R. Ryan and Carlos Walker. This star-studded cast is unprecedented for a movie made in Birmingham, Alabama.

Juug Gone Wrong is an action-packed comedy of how two cousins that have similar yet different paths come together on an opportunity of a lifetime. Both cousins are active in the pharmaceutical field, one working legally and the other illegally. The film takes the audience on an adventure as the two take things to the next level by any means necessary.

Juug Gone Wrong is now available on Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play.


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