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An American Gangster Laid To Rest: Dr. Jamal Bryant Delivers Eulogy

Frank Lucas Federal Mugshot January 1975

Born in Greensboro, NC, Frank Lucas was a country boy with big city dreams.

It's documented that his life of crime started right after he witnessed the murder of his cousin by the hands of Klansman. Somehow, it sparked some type of fiery rage within him that led him to New York. It was there that he began a life of gambling and petty crime. It's said that Bumpy Johnson, a heroin dealer and numbers runner, mentored Lucas in ways that no young kid should be taught... From there, and after Bumpy Johnson's death, Lucas became the next king of Harlem who would transport/ traffic heroin from South East Asia to New York in the coffins of slain serviceman until he was caught in 1975.

American Gangster (2007) is a movie about Frank Lucas, portrayed by Golden Globe, Academy Award, and Tony Award-winning actor, Denzel Washington.


Frank Lucas September 9, 1930-May 30, 2019

Photo Credits: Vince Carroll and Johny Nunez

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