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Trinidadian Princess, Sofi Saint, Released New Album, "Perfect Legacy."

“My dad always said that it’s not your religion that saves you, it’s not church that saves you, it’s your relationship with God,” Saint described the foundation for her childhood, before embarking on her journey into music.

With my upbringing, I’ve learned to appreciate and love everyone. I’ve sung gospel in a church since I was two years old. I opened for people, and flew all over to sing. I attended private school. I’ve always been upbeat and bubbly,” she remarked.

The 27-year-old singer is the youngest of her siblings, and just like any fledgling, she delved down her own pathway in life with a rush of uniqueness and independence. Although singing in church and carrying on that family legacy is probably her mission, becoming a pop-singer is her presumptive destiny.

“My music comes from motivation and love. It’s showing you that I have a dream to reach the next destination. Life is short. It might not seem short, but you better live it to the fullest, because that’s the way God wants us to [live]. We have to enjoy it. Every single day, you got to make that day count. I’m not the normal preachers kid because I would’ve been still singing gospel. I switched over to pop with a goal, and my goal is to make it known that it doesn’t have to be church music, that’s the motivation or foundation of enjoying life. It can also be other genres of music.”

After witnessing the rise of Whitney Houston and her aerate position as Pop-Queen, Saint knew that pop and Caribbean music is what she wanted do.

“I used to copy Whitney as a child, and then I did a competition singing “One Moment in Time,” and I won. After that, my school took me to the musical, ‘Fiddler on the Roof.’ They gave me the opportunity of opening up [the stage play] with singing. ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ has nothing to do with Whitney, but they said that I sung that song beautifully. Before the performance of ‘Fiddler on the Roof,’ they asked me to come out and open the show by singing “One Moment in Time.” Then, I sang it for our schools graduation. After that, I sang it in front of five-thousand people at the Providence Arts Center.”

April of 2016, Saint released her breakout track, The Beauty of Life.

“It made a great impact. It helped a lot of young girls. They loved that song. Also, because of the mere fact, the song talks about the beauty of life. The beauty of life involves love, and having love in your life. It’s a miracle. God is love. That’s a miracle right there, to have true love in your life. The song also explains, ‘You are not going to please me and you are not going to break me, so stop trying to trap me.’ Nothing can bring me down. If you can get control of your emotions and your mindset—Your emotions is basically, your soul. Your emotions hold everything for you. That [your emotions] is the keeper of your feelings. It’s the keeper of your thoughts, so that song is telling you to grab a hold of the beauty, which is your emotions. Once you control your emotions and your emotions don’t control you, you’re going to enjoy life to the fullest.”

The enthusing songstress confirmed that, because of the blithe points within the song, it offered her opportunities to perform in cathedrals; furthermore, she performed for the Prime Minister of Trinidad.

Saint released her inspirational motif, Perfect Legacy in 2018, with Why as the standout single.

“The reason I named my album 'Perfect Legacy' is because we’re not perfect, but I’m going to try with every endeavor, my best. I’m going to try with everything I got to remain who I am. I will not to let anything stand in the way. No matter if I make it to the top, I have to remain who I am,” Saint uttered decisively.

Raking in followers of her music by the thousands, Saint is thankful. Her faith in God keeps her grounded and ready for just about anything.

She said that her first love is undeniably God. “My second love is my husband, and parents. I love my music, but I’m not going to put music over my God, and I’m not going to put it over my family. I’m going to put it where I believe it will be loved, and that’s after God, my husband and my parents, that might be a good spot. I’m sorry, but it’s not my first love.”

You should not mix business with pleasure! That's the myth that elders drummed into our naive little heads as one of the cardinal rules of life. Death to the marriage or relationship, if you combine the two. However, Saint disagrees. Her husband takes on the role of manager, filmographer, branding manager, social media manager, DJ, as well as the graphic designer for her brand. “It’s a perfect balance,” says Saint. “My husband turns down many deals. He doesn’t put money in front of my well-being. Everything that we do, we do it as a partnership.

‘He doesn’t put anything but God in in front of me, and I don’t put anything but God in front of him.”

Saint is clearly setting boundaries, which means she won’t be swayed by the lavish imagery that comes with being in the music industry.

According to the singer, it was easy for her to break into the music bizz She maintains a competitive edge, that keeps her focused on getting radio spins so she’s heard coast-to-coast.

Saint uses a combination of pop, soul, afro-tones, trap music and Jamaican beats, to create her signature vibes. Her newest single, Why compliments all the reverberations, including EDM.

The song is inspired by people, who transfer good energy.

Saint is amazingly humble, and wise beyond her years. However, is if she could jump back in time and pour some of her wisdom into her younger self, she would say… “You are strong. You are a black beautiful Queen. Keep on pushing.”

The songstress creates her own garbs called Sofinos. Along with that undertaking, Saint is dispensing singles while on the Behind the Smoke Tour. The name of the tour is a mirroring transition from her humble beginnings to a victorious NOW.

Click links below to stay abreast with Saints future shows as well as her other endeavors.

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