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Wu-Tang Clan's, Dungeon Masta, Hit Charlotte, NC, During NBA All-Star Weekend

Brooklyn (NY) native, Dungeon Masta, another vigorous artist, ascending from the metaphoric guts of Wu-Tang Clan, released crossover single, "So Gorgeous" featuring Scott Isbell. 

The artist is in the 10th Chamber, which is part of the 36 Chambers of Wu-Tang Clan.

Dungeon Masta said that he found his place among the esoteric geniuses through O.D.B (Ol Dirty Basta**), who was a childhood friend and an original member of the group.

“Me and O.D.B have known each other since childhood,” explained Dungeon Masta when asked about his affiliation to O.D.B and Wu-Tang. “I saw them [Wu-Tang] when I was in Atlantic City at the time. I came back to New York in 1994, and we got together, and put Brooklyn Zu together. Then, eventually, I get connected with Popa Wu. Everything has been going since then, and now I’m with Cappadonna."

Dungeon Masta said that it feels beautiful to keep O.D.B’s legacy alive. In fact, he cultivated a group called DIRTY CLANZMEN, where they travel while performing hits dedicated to O.D.B.

Although he's from the old-school where hip hop prevailed, the lyricist is keeping the origin alive, while embracing the fluctuating styles of music. “I just make it do what it do. We are creators. Everything that hip hop throws, like this type of hip hop, it is what it is. It’s all good and it’s all gravy, but at the end of the day, it will always come back to the hard bars. We’re about teaching. That’s what we do. We’re bringing the message. It doesn’t matter because Wu-Tang is going to reach every generation. We will always stay relevant. There are too many of us.”

Can't argue with that revelation.

As mentioned, Dungeon Masta released a newer single called “So Gorgeous,” and it's a little different than the heart thumping stanzas that Wu-Tang typically puts out. “The concept with that is because I meet a lot of women. I see a lot of gorgeous women and it has to be something dedicated to the women,” he shared.

According to Dungeon Masta, he is an affiliate of “I Battle TV ,” a derivation of Beast Mode. “I Battle TV” is a home for all the rap scrimmages worthy of conversation.

"The battles are always official and rap battles will always be important to hip hop. At the end of the day, its sharp as a sword. I’m all for rap battles. I like hearing new talents. I like hearing stuff that’s original and not that mumbled down, stutter rap. It sounds like they’re on something [drugs]. When we [Wu-Tang] did that, we did it with class. These guys are all over the place mumbling.”

Since Dungeon Masta is coined as a rap battle leader, it made sense to ask him his opinions about Pusha-T and Drake... “Oh, Pusha-T got him. It’s no question about it. Pusha dug deep," he laughed.

If Dungeon Masta’s life were a Wu-Tang hit, it would be from the 1993 album, Enter The Wu-TangCan It All Be So Simple.

Currently, Dungeon Masta has a few projects underway. THE DIRTY CLANZMEN: THE DIRTY TRUTH, it’s the latest unit from the group, and the mix-tape is available on Spinrilla . “This album is definitely going to bring you back to the first Wu-Tang vibe. The EP I’m putting out is called “45,” and that’s going to hit July 4th. Then, “DIRTY CLANZMEN.” We have a full album coming out which is called “13.” That’s going to be in November. Besides that, I got a little movie thing going on. We are going to be filming in May and that’s coming out soon, probably in the fall."

Dungeon Masta - Da Winter

Follow the artist here.

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