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Chermean is Shaking the Literary World up in 2019 With “The Sensuous Cookbook .”

Chermean is Brand Ambassador for Mirror Mirror, [clothing boutique] as well as Design Concepts [Body Soufflé].

Novelist, Chermean, marched into the New Year with boldness and a little spice. No pun intended— Well, maybe just a smidgen. Wildly known for her opulent storytelling, Chermean published books like Entangled Affairs and Perfectly Addicted, where the storyline is all about salacious scandal drenching with romance. However, the writer diverted from the norm this time around with her newest concept, The Sensuous Cookbook.

Chermean said that dating is obsolete this day and age. People tend to jump right to the hookups without entering into the wooing stages of getting to know a person. Back in the early days before the commencement of social media, it was quite sexy for a man or woman to shop for groceries, prepare the meal, and have it warmed and waiting, for his or her date to arrive. Yes, they did that back then, working their way up to the stimulation instead of the infamous, “WYD” text and “Let’s Link.” Gag! What happened to the romance? Is that such a thing anymore… romance?

This is where The Sensuous Cookbook comes into play. The inciting leaflet is garnered with poetry; themed cuisines and drinks to die for, whether it’s ten at night or five in the morning, courtship just got intentional and provocative.

“It’s sixteen recipes, sixteen poems, and sixteen drinks,” she said. “It’s a poem for every recipe.” It’s not a seasonal cookbook. I have a chapter where you’re meeting the family for the first time. The chapter is called ‘It’s a Family Affair,’ so I’m giving you a soulful dinner.”

Chermean used recipes that she enjoys... “Although I love seafood, my favorite dish from the book is the Orange Apricot, Lamb chops, which is the last chapter in the book called ‘Sealing the Deal.’ I actually collaborated with someone when I wrote the book. I’m testing some of his marinades, so he will be in the book as well. I have another recipe for “Pineapple, Honey, Spicy, Barbecue Wings.”

She has a drink called ‘Unexpected Plan of Events’… “In this situation, it’s where you meet friends unexpectedly. You’re not really supposed to meet these friends yet, but it happens. With this, I felt like I would give this drink. I felt like this is where the pressure is on to engage the person. I have another drink that men can relate to called, ‘Full-court press.’ It’s the basketball term of putting the pressure on defense."

Admittedly, Chermean is not Martha Stewart, so you won’t find that type of blueprint in the book, but her paperback is definitely unique. The recipe book is sensual and exact just like the author. There’s a chapter for almost every scenario... “I have a chapter called, To Breakup,” Chermean explained. “I give readers a comfort food. I give a shrimp and grits dish because after a breakup, people get depressed. Then, my next chapter is, To Make Up. In that, I give my signature drink, and that’s [called] Tie me to the bedrail.

‘Cooking, it’s not for culinary background or schooling. Cooking, for me, is preparing dishes from the heart and soul. It’s a love and a passion for cooking. Whomever you’re cooking for whether it’s for a lover or family member, make sure you do it with love from the heart and soul,” says Chermean when asked about her maxim quotes from the book.

The chronicles are as enticing as 50 Shades of Grey, but with alluring dishes, date preferences, and ideas… some naughty, some nice.

“It must make sense to me for the way I write,” says Chermean. “I figured, ‘Why not incorporate the way I write,’ so I decided to make my cookbook a little different and make it about lovers. Many people don’t know how to cook and they don’t know exactly where to start. I give details and along with that, I give you a sensuous poem to accompany [the recipes]. I made my book like a novel. Every recipe has a chapter. It’s taking you through the dating stages.”

Just to clarify, The Sensuous Cookbook is actually, a leaflet, piercing with many stages and scenarios so readers don’t suck at date night.

It’s an intriguing guide book for sure. Chermean might be the Yoda of relationships before this project launches full-steam. There isn’t another on the web, so she is the first to introduce the concept. She believes that the recipe book will help to strengthen relationships if anything else, and that might be highly plausible.

“I think we’ve gotten away from dating. I think we’ve gotten away from cooking. We’ve gotten away from the woman like me. I make my mans plate. I make everybody a plate in the house. I enjoy doing that. Everybody isn’t required to do it, but those are the things that I grew up seeing.”

According to Chermean, modern men and the contemporary woman don’t view chivalry the same as Generation X. Much like the youth, they want everything quick and microwaveable, including their relationships.

“People don’t date anymore and they don’t court. Social media is taking over. People don’t talk, and we don’t communicate. Everything is through text. I’m big on communication. Don’t text me. I need to hear your voice,” she resounded when talking about passive interactions in this era. “I need to hear the seriousness and the sincerity behind what you say. I feel like verbal communication is missing. Courting and chivalry is missing for men and especially women. Ladies, you need to take care of your man. You can’t treat a person poorly just because someone else made you feel bad.

When dating, everything should be intentional and with a purpose. Just see where it goes. If it’s not going anywhere, don’t waste the time. We need to get back to that. We need to know how to date, both women and men. Women, it’s okay to take your men out.”

It wasn’t difficult for Chermean to write the book. After all, she’s an author. She said the stretch transpired when it was time to measure everything precisely so that the dishes and beverages were savory and bursting with flavor.

Currently, Chermean is a fulltime author, who’s charmingly empowered to do what other authors won’t do in regards to her writing. With her most recent launch, she hopes to land The Sensuous Cookbook in local stores. She’s pushing a soft launch the week with of Valentines, so be on the lookout. Grab your copies, try a few of her awe-inspiring ingredients, and write Chermean back. Tell her Interrupted Blogs sent you.

Chermean is introducing a few of her recipes at Moans & Mimosas March 16,2019

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