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Grammy® award-winning producer, Zaytoven and Grammy® nominated artist, Deitrick Haddon and are spreading holiday cheer this season as they announce their collaboration on a new EP titled “Zaytoven & Deitrick Haddon Greatest Gift,”available December 7, 2018 on all major digital music retailers. The eight track EP is lead by the critically acclaimed single, "Christmas Prayer," and the viral hit, "Make Love."

The two notable music influencers teamed up to create what they consider to be their best body of work to date. Zaytoven being a long time fan of Deitrick Haddons contemporary cutting edge gospel style and electrifying voice called Deitrick with the idea. Recently, the duo also worked together on Usher's "A" album. Zaytoven, also known as the father of trap music, considers himself to be quite the church boy. He even considers this album his favorite.

"We wanted to put some hope and love together to reunite families. It was such an incredible process, we finished the record in less than a week," says Zaytoven.

The musical connection between Zaytoven and Haddon be seen in the video of the EP's lead single,"Christmas Prayer." Other stand out tracks on the EP include "Make Love" and "Good Christmas." Those in relationships will find joy in the song "Holiday Bae-cation."

"As Christians, we're told to shy away from love-making, but as long as your married, its actually a beautiful thing, especially during the holidays! I actually proposed to my wife on Christmas, so in addition to it being a time to celebrate Christ, its a time to celebrate my marriage and family as well," says Deitrick Haddon in response to the overwhelming buzz around the EP lifted track "Make Love."

"This is my favorite project of all time because I'm such a Deitrick Haddon fan. This has always been a dream of mine to break into the gospel world. Most people don't know that I grew up in the church and I still am a musician at my church Life Abundantly Christian Center," saysZaytoven.

"Zaytoven & Deitrick Greatest Gift" is a must-have this holiday season for all. With emphasis on the importance of family unity and a mix of R&B and soul-stirring gospel there is something for everyone to enjoy. "Zaytoven & Deitrick Greatest Gift" is available December 7, 2018 on all major digital music retailers. Keep up with Zaytoven and Haddon on social media using the handles @dhaddy and @zaytovenbeatz.


Deitrick Haddon has earned the name, "the new face of Gospel," after his album "Church on the Moon" debuted at #1 on the Billboard Top Gospel chart. The Detroit native is known for his progressive, urban style of gospel music, but he is also the founding pastor of Hill City Church in California. He was also one of the cast members in Oxygen's reality television show Preachers of L.A.


Xavier Dotson, known in music circles as Atlanta super producer Zaytoven, has been the mastermind behind tracks for artists such as Gucci Mane, Future, Nicki Minaj and the Migos, and he is widely regarded as one of the founding fathers of trap music since the mid-2000s.The son of a pastor and choir director moved to the South after being born in Germany and growing up in California’s Bay Area. When he’s not working a studio soundboard, he’s been, for 11 years and counting, on a sanctuary organ as lead musician for two different churches. In addition to producing hits, he has mastered playing the guitar, drums, organ and piano by ear. The man behind the magic can even be considered an instrument himself, expressing his passion and poetry through keys, strings and drumheads.

FOLLOW ZAYTOVEN & DEITRICK HADDON: @dhaddy @zaytovenbeatz


FACEBOOK: Deitrick Haddon & Zaytoven

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1. Christmas Prayer

2. Christmas with U

3. Make Love (On Christmas)

4. Silent Night

5. Greatest Gift

6. Holiday Bae-cation

7. Good Christmas

8. Make Love on Christmas (Family Versio

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