Lyrics, Life & Business: The Augmentation of “King Again.”

28-year-old Noah and 31-year-old Matthew Jones, grew up in Charlotte, NC, where they were young composers at their parents church.

“Me and Matthew were the two main musicians from elementary to middle school. Matthew was the keyboardist and I was the drummer,” Noah says. “We also sang. We moved to different churches through the years, but we stayed in the roles as musicians and only sang when needed.”

The Progression 

Although the high spirited young people weren’t classically trained, they still learned the fundamentals in a majestic atmosphere that paved a way to their placement now as artist. Nevertheless, they had an interesting journey. Matthew didn’t get gutsy with his vocals until he hit 11th grade. 

“I was really introverted with my gifts. I didn’t start singing until high school,” Matthew explained. “I performed at a talent show, and ever since that, people wanted me to be in that next show and musical. They wanted me to sing at the football games, and it went from there. It collimated to me graduating, and when I graduated, they voted me the most talented in school."

The artsy overachievers performed at local talent shows and although they had a slight gap in age, that didn’t stop them from supporting each other’s aspirations as entertainers. “We participated in concert chorus, which is a traveling chorus class that entered into competitions. Matthew and I were asked to do solos and stuff for the class.”

Noah and Matthew were more like the Jackson 5, minus 3. There wasn’t one thing that the boys couldn’t do proficiently.

Mathew attended college in Tennessee through a musical program, with a major in music and a minor in vocals. He sang on the choir, but became more enthralled with the band. During second semester he switched it up and joined the band and coincidentally becoming the music director.

Noah’s experience was a little different. He attended the University of South Carolina majoring in business. He switched to psychology with a major in criminal justice. Noah and his brother had completely different career paths in mind until they teamed up and started making beats and lyrics.

Labor Day Music Showcase 2018

The fellas spark melodious R&B with heavy emphasis on Neo Soul, which best describes their sound. Noah’s voice is blithe while Matthew is more of a raspy alto. When both vocals unite, it’s synchronizing rhythmic annotations.  

“We put everything we have into this. It’s all or nothing,” Noah remarked about their passionate journey.

Family hustle

“Music is one of those things that I’ve tried to put on the back burner time and time again. I’ve tried to sleep on it and put it out of sight. It comes back like a calling and yearning that wakes you up in the middle of the night. We’re definitely destined to do this together,” Matthew shared.

The brothers said that it’s easier having a working relationship as sibs, considering they function like the twins that never were. They finish each others sentences and bounce ideas off each other. Whatever Noah lacks, Matthew is there to back him up. “We used to be nicknamed the twin tillers,” laughed Noah. “That was almost our group name. We bounced a couple ideas off each other, and then we became “King Again."

King Again— The name derives from African history where rulers were celebrated for their beautiful melanin skin. “I think the name is appropriate for our people,” says Matthew. “It can be cross cultural, too. If we start being men, and treat our women like queens, and our women treat men like kings—If we treat our daughters and sons like princess and princes, then we’re going to create a better future for our country.”

King Again released newest album October Plight. They did an EP listening session October 19, 2018 at 143 E Main St, Rock Hill, SC.

Listen to tracks I Like U and No Lies.

The generous ballads embark on life experiences that’s relevant in any generation.

“We have a project coming out early 2019 called Dear Scarlet. The songs are written and recorded, but we’re deciding what we are going to put on that. Before that, we plan to release a single in early November called Next Girl. The song is executive written mostly by Matthew.”

Their songs resonate in a provocative way with underlying missives that sting the soul by using frank odes to get their messages decoded. The fellas agree that their life experiences chronicle break-up-to make up's as well as their dilemmas in the entertainment business.

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