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Chasing Destiny: Hip Hop Artist Dee Dray & Leesha Baby Discuss Rococo Project,'Venus 2 Mars

Dee Dray and Leesha Baby

Male and female entertainers, Dee Dray and Leesha Baby are making effective waves for the culture in Charlotte, NC.

Recently, the duo released singles from flaming EP Venus 2 Mars. The album is an instinctive declaration, perforated with compositions that barter between relationships and hard-knock circumstances of making it in the entertainment industry.

Both lyricist champion their points of view, while coexisting beautifully and independently on one project. For instance, the track, Say Less, Dee Dray reasons with a quixotical flow that he wants equivocal confirmation about a relationship, where Leesha Baby is taking a dominant role, and isn’t budging unless she's met with action instead of affectionate verbiage.

The single, Where I Be, the artist talk about their hopes and dreams, but from stances of undervalued emcee’s who’s cracking spines and stepping on the necks of their competitors with wordplay cutting like razors against the ego.

“This is giving you the female and male perspective from life as well as different situations like that,” Leesha Baby explains the direction of Venus 2 Mars.

Dee Dray says that Leesha Baby is extremely attractive, “But, when she performs, it’s execution,” he chimed. “They assume that she can’t rhyme. That’s the reason I wanted to work with her-- I saw versatility. I also wanted to work with a female artist because I know what I bring to the table. I knew once I heard the verse to “Where I Be,” this is the way we needed to do it. She will snap, and people don’t know that.”

The masterminds have another buzz single called Vybez 4 Now. “It’s like an island, Caribbean vibe, and there is singing on it,” revealed Dee Dray. "It gives you a different sound sonically."

Leesha Baby and Dee Dray are making money moves for sure. Their chemistry is a mashup between Hov [Jay Z] and Queen Bey [Beyonce], with a foundation built around brilliance similar to Fox Mulder and Dana Scully [X Files]. They work vehemently so that their blueprint will boast excellence.

Connecting the dots: Their magnetic rapport happened rather fortuitously… “I met Leesha at a showcase where artist were performing at Onyx nearly a year ago. I saw her [and] became blown away instantly by her [raw talent]. I walked up to her, and told her that I liked her record and she should let me remix it. She said, 'No, we’re not doing remixes,' laughed Dee Dray.

According to Dee Dray, he didn’t know that Leesha Baby was hustling on a national scale, so he definitely understood her hesitancy.

Both artist eventually linked up after several encounters and made it official, Venus 2 Mars.

“The first half of the album is complete,” confirms Dee Dray. "We have a lot of music now, but we’re selecting the best tracks from the many that we’ve done. The first half of the project should be available mid-October or the first of November. We will release everything close to Thanksgiving.”

Dee Dray [Gerald Drayton II] is a native of Buffalo, New York. He found solace in music when he was about 8 years old. He did everything that you can imagine while growing up as a musician in church, which includes playing the piano and drums. While in high school, he wrote and performed limericks that were beyond his years. Hence... Dee Dray attended Buffalo Academy of Performing Arts majoring in Vocal and Instrumental Music, before moving to Charlotte, where he secured degrees in education at his alma mater, JCSCU (Johnson C. Smith University). Dee Dray continued to entertain while building a robust presence. He’s shared the stage with superstars like Kenny Rogers, Dave Brubeck, 2 Chains, Future, Nipsy Hussle and Keith Murray. He’s released several compilations including mix-tapes as well as full length albums. Dee Dray co-organized several programs, the Writers Block, Above the Rim and Making the Call. Dee Dray performed and made hits under labels LAH Multimedia Company, an affiliate of Executive Class; and, Tiger Eye Management Group. Currently, he’s an independent hurricane, who’s ripping it up on the mic without regrets.

In Hindu, Leesha means, noble sort. It’s someone who’s courageous and honorable, a girl or woman that is a cut above the rest. Leesha Baby, substantiates that with her many adaptions for the arts. The rapper was born in Flint, Michigan, but she traveled with family, before moving to Charlotte, NC.

Leesha Baby is penned as a dominant jet-setter, but she’s more than that. She's a standout visionary that won't submit in this cutthroat business where camaraderie is fleeting. Leesha Baby is fighting to change negative connotations that come with being a black female lyricist in the rap game.

“My long term goal," says Leesha Baby, "is to do something with women in general. It’s something about women not supporting each other or building one another up. I want to create an organization that really helps pull women together and uplift them, by showing them other avenues in life that will allow them to be successful. I feel like women, we always beef. Men can come together and do thousands of features, but when it’s female, women feel as though there can only be one. No matter what you do, whether it’s music, work or school, it’s something about black women. That goes back to the upbringing of black women and mothers. A lot of mothers don’t do a good job of empowering their young girls and telling their daughters that they are beautiful. They don’t embed it in their heads so it won’t be a competition for them later,” says Leesha Baby. “I’ve never been that type. If I feel some type of way I will tell you. If I think you’re cute, I’ll compliment you.”

The writer, producer, singer and versifier is confident within her skill-sets. She doesn’t want to leave any stones un-turned in her pursuit for success. She said that music is everything to her. “Music is like a stress reliever for me. Even if I don’t listen to my own music, there are other types of music that I listen to.”

Leesha Baby [Leesha Poole] grew up singing on the choir. She traveled with family for most of her life, and moved to Charlotte, NC in 2006 during her junior year in high school. She was the typical Preachers Kid that followed rules verbatim. Leesha Baby prowled after a degree in nursing, with a minor in psychology. However, her love for music outweighed everything, but it didn’t become crucial until about 6 years ago. The single mother said that she’s doing what she needs to do so that her daughter can have someone to look up to, and have a legacy to be proud about. The rhymester beat out contestants and made it to the top 6 for 2016 BET One Shot. Leesha Baby models as well, however, she focuses more on her career as an artist who’s demanding respect as a professional, a femme fatale with fiery stanzas.

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