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Angelo Ellerbee, Radiant Celebrity Publicist, Released Newest Book & Launched Signature Candle,

Angelo Ellerbee, founder of Double XXposure Media Relations, graduated from New York Fashion Institute of Technology, before becoming a prominent stylist. He’s transformed the likes of Bluesy and Jazz prodigy, Nina Simone. His work was featured in principle publications such as Vogue, Essence and Ebony Man.

The Newark, New Jersey native is widely known for his impeccable style, lectures and artist development practices; however, Ellerbee is finding more ways to get his fundamentals out to the multitude of people.

“When you claim your victory, half of the battle is won.”

- Angelo Ellerbee

He’s worked in public relations and marketing, while grooming the most booming and beautiful humans on the sphere.

Take it from him... sometimes, becoming who you are, it isn't always about the money.

Ellerbee interned for James Mtume, before becoming the mega producers most prized publicist.

“I graduated from the Mtume institute,” Ellerbee joked. “I was the babysitter, cook and nanny. I was booking agent and publicist. He [Mtume] taught me how to survive. My degree is in designs. His wife, Kamillie, came to me and asked if I’d be interested in the “You, Me and He” album cover, that her husband had just produced. I didn’t know who he was,” Ellerbe spoke frankly. “I learned as I went on, and I did the album cover. I engaged in a wonderful relationship with them. Mtume wanted me to manage him. I thought that was the funniest thing cause I couldn’t even manage myself at that point.”

 You, Me and He album cover

Ellerbee wasn’t experienced by far. In the beginning, many questioned if Mtume made the right selection in hiring him; however, Mtume saw value in Ellerbee, which eventually paid off.

The publicist worked alongside Michael Jackson, Prince, Roberta Flack, Jocelyn Brown, Sybil, Dru Hill, DMX, Ginuwine, Karen Clark Sheard, Laura Branigan, Terrance J, Ava DuVernay, Alicia Keys, Mary J Blige and Antonio Fargas.

At one time or another, he’s assisted many other artist that found themselves on the receiving end of attainment.

“Each year is different for me. Each task is different for me. I would hope that I put my heart and soul into each thing that I do. I have to give everything my attention,” he shared.

And, that’s just what he does. Ellerbee is active within his business; and he treats it organically, whether wrapping gifts, setting interviews, or tying that perfect bow for a ribbon cutting ceremony, he’s all in.

These elegant facets is part of the reason he’s able to grind within the entertainment ambit, which he’s done affluently close to 50 years.

In fact, during his most recent launch at Mr. Chow restaurant 324 E 57th street NY, Ellerbee is spotted looking splendidly dapper while standing next to eminent vocalist, Dionne Warwick. No doubt, he didn’t come to play.

 Photo Credit: Lee White

Photo credits: Lee White/ More beautiful picks from the Scene of Success launch in New York.

His gracefulness is something that’s of high interest, which makes him even more unforgettable and sought after.

He is a man of intrigue, who’s got much to be fancied over. He’s spent a substantial amount of time molding and sculpting actors, singers and creatives to be better than who they were in their past lives.

This brings us to his latest manuscript, “The Sense of Success,” an inspirational tome that covers key points of development, discipline and incitement.

“This little baby is a birth that I think the world has taken [a liking to]. The book is originally for the world and its people. I’m seeing with this plague in our community, on a daily basis when we talk about mental health and depression. We talk about all these things that should truly be nonexistent. We allow those demons to take control of us and have influence over what those persons are supposed to be in life. My book is being fed to the reader with a social and personal side to it. I believe that every individual God created, there is a sense of success inside of them. What we have to do is, we have to nurture that success, and allow that success to grow.

They might smell the scent and aroma, and sometimes you have to remove those things that are toxic, out of your life—Those demons come in disguises, and they have to be removed. I tell people every day that I am romantically in love with Angelo Ellerbee. In order for me to love, Tawanda Blake, I have to love me. In in order for me to go and grow, I learned what the sacrifices were. I have to learn what depression is all about, I have to learn all these things in order for me to come back out and be the preacher to the word about self-help, and creating opportunities. Opportunities never knocked on my door. I always had to create the opportunity. This book allows me and others to create the opportunity to be well, to be great, to be greater, to be the greatest in their particular area of expertise.”

Ellerebee disclosed that the candle line, Scent of Success, is a creation of peace, meditation, serenity and love. 

It’s during the wee hours of the morning, when the city is reeving up its engine to go, Ellerbee sits, and he admires the Hudson River. Instead of smelling the noxious fumes that’s left behind from boats, ships, automobiles and whatever else, he welcomes a heedless fragrance of jasmines into his home so that he can meditate in tranquility.

Ellerbee said that it’s important that people take time out of their day whether it’s yoga or prayer. People owe it to themselves, and they owe it to their spirits to be at harmony.

“This world should be about prayer,” he said “Because, that’s what we need now. In this Trump Administration where insane and insanity is ruining our country, we must come together collectively and raise our children like the village that we know we can raise our children. Now, these demos exploit and take advantage of mothers and fathers, and so that they can’t have families here, in America. I think this is what it’s truly about. It’s also about that incarcerated person who knows when he and she comes out of jail, what does life have to offer them?

 I’m trying to teach and tell them [that] they have a winner inside of themselves. They just have to focus. While they are in there, [they need to] get as much education as they possibly can and come out and thrive. Believe me, today might be a bad day, but tomorrow is always a better day.

That’s the thinking that I want these young people to consider and go on. I don’t want them to be depressed. I don’t want them thinking America is not treating them right. It’s about what your’re going to bring to the table. It’s not about what America is bringing to the table. It’s about your offerings and what you’re bringing to the table. You have to be secure in that. I want young people to stop for a minute and listen. Then, comprehend, listen more, be the sponge, and then absorb. Be respectful and stay humble, then have a guidance for yourself, as well as respect for yourself."

Ellerbee is extremely flustered with the bias state of affairs in the U.S. However, those exasperation’s hasn’t stopped him from trying to teach, while inspiring the country as a whole.

“I want to lecture more. I want to do radio and TV. I’d like to be a sounding board so people can reach out and touch me on social media—reach out on social media and talk to me when they can’t get their mother, father or mentor— reach out. 99% of the time when we start talking about mental health, and depression, we are trying to deal with it alone. We have to share that problem, because that problem has a solution,” Ellerbe assured. “If you can’t come up with a solution, then maybe others can come up with a solution. That’s why you have to share it all.”

If you haven’t gotten inspired by simply reading Mr. Ellerbee’s responses, then clearly, you haven’t paid attention. His words are spiritual compresses for the wounded. Yes, Ellerbee is straightforward, but at the same time, his expressions are  motivational.

If he could steer readers towards his favorite inscriptions from the book, it would be The Scent of Purpose, The Scent of Renewal, and The Scent of Faith.

“These chapters make me have an appreciation for what I wrote. I want people to have faith. I want people to have an understanding, to figure things out, that it’s okay to renew yourself. That’s what it’s supposed to be all about. I am tired of people who look like me [black], and killing themselves or being killed because of someone else’s trial or tribulation. I managed DMX for 5 years and it was the same trial and tribulation there. I found myself each and every single day praying with him and trying to uplift him, keep people away from him that I knew was toxic. I wanted to have a good energy and good fruit around him, that he could digest and absorb while making a change. I think it’s also important that you take your time to reevaluate yourself. What is your new story? What do you want your new story to be? You went through your bad story, and that’s why you’re able to look forward to your new life, that’s coming. We get a chance to have a new life.

I’ve built success. I know that I’m successful, not because of what I’m paying, it’s what I have in my soul. It’s what I have for other people. I’ve had more employees than the Empire State Building has steps, so I get an observation of sitting back and understanding people. I understand their goals, their objectives, all the things that they may not be clear in understanding. They look at me as though I’m a hardball. I’m not a hardball. I just knew what it took to stay alive in racist America and racist corporate America. I had to do what I had to do, and that was for everyone to eat. Once, I had 35 employees. We had to do what we had to do. In order to make the difference for all my employees to go home with a check every week, I was working 3 or 4 jobs just to see my dreams come to a reality. I wasn’t going to let anyone turn my dream into a negative horror story. It’s me or them. I understood self-preservation even as a kid. My mother taught me that… how to survive."

Ellerbee said what he said, and he meant it.

“Go and grow.”

For more information on his books or if you’d like to follow him, click links below.

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