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Arkevious Armstrong: Pursuing A Purposeful Life After The Tumultuous Storm.

“I’m still that kid who dreamed. He didn’t start dreaming until his twenties,” Armstrong spoke in a serious tone

“Everybody dreams, but sometimes the dream you get, it’s in the form of a nightmare. I had so many nightmares that even when I dreamed about doing something positive, I never spoke or talked about it.”

That was the beginning and certainly not the end of his remarkable story…

Arkeviouis Armstrong, a well-known success/life/motivation coach in Charlotte, NC founded the Step Up to Leadership mentorship program in 2013. Armstrong had a tough childhood, where he was in and out of jail/ prison for drug possession, robbery, and attempted murder, which lasted pretty much his youthful existence.

Growing tired of the struggle and challenges, Armstrong began to change for the better. It was either him or the streets.

Once reformed, he spearheaded Step Up to Leadership, an organization that helps children from Gaston County (NC), to keep from traveling the path that he once journeyed. Recently, Armstrong launched M.I.A (Men In Action) 10-week program for boys. The program is a progeny of SUTL.

The 36-year-old went from being a feared hellion to a respected counselor, executive, and now, a college graduate from Strayer University, earning a degree in Business Administration.

Armstrong agrees that juggling life was difficult enough, but adding school to the mixture of obligations, that’s probably one of his greatest accomplishments thus far.

He’s the first from his immediate family to finish high school and acquire a degree. The distinction is more than a rite of passage. It’s a symbol of completion, an impetus that he earned, and will keep until his dying day.

“It was a balance honestly; I truly didn’t think I could finish it. I got help from people who believed in me, [and] I succeeded. The problem with so many people [is] they are afraid to ask for help. The reason they aren’t successful is because they are so prideful,” explained Armstrong. “Your pride will always stop you. It will always hinder you, and it will not open doors for new relationships, because you will not open your mouth and ask for help.”

Armstrong enlisted the aid of a tutor and took it to the house. He’s finally a college graduate, author, motivational speaker, and originator of his own non-profit.

He also launched the ArkInspire clothing line—The sporty and stylish garbs are for all age groups.

“I started ArkInspire in 2017. I was getting frustrated because I allowed myself to concentrate so much on the program that I felt like my true calling was to speak and inspire people. My heart and passion is speaking. I just wanted to create something more to give back to the communities. The project took off and became an affirmative energy. People were watching globally. People were supporting. I was getting sponsors and mentors from all over. I had to come up with an image and a name. I worked with two people, to create the concept and design. The wonderful thing is that God gave me vision, so I had the idea that I wanted.

I focused on building the image and vision for ArkInspire. I still had the program and the location for Step Up to Leadership, but I wanted to bring ArkInspire to life, and focus on what people valued most, [as well as] what they needed. I needed to keep inspiring.”

Since the birth of the ArkInspire fashion realm, Armstrong secured speaking engagements in California, Florida, Alabama, and New Jersey. He’s created workshops that are required at corporate events, colleges, as well as athletic assemblies.

Armstrong said that powerhouse motivational speakers like Les Brown, Tony Robinson, and Eric Thomas inspire him deeply.

“I want people as the multitude, to hear the things that I want to teach, encourage, and inspire. I want to change their lives, and help them pursue their dreams, and not allow anything to get in front of them. I don’t want people to get frustrated just because things get hard. I don’t care what their background is. I teach and I talk, I give them my experiences. I give them my testimony. I give them the education part, to teach them to make better decisions.

As for the 60-day devotional…

I think at my lowest point, it’s when I was sitting on the edge of my tub crying. During that time, God gave me everything I have now, but it started sometime in 2012. I lost everything, but my image was still the same. I always tell people, “You can dress up a lie real good to where people are going to believe it. I dressed it up so good that I still had my house, but it was empty inside. I dressed that lie up so good that I almost lost my house. I was in foreclosure. I dressed the lie up so good that I had to sell my car. I dressed the lie up so good that my truck was almost reposed…” Armstrong continued to reveal truths that led to his 60-day devotional.

“Destined for Victory, the book ties into what I do. I teach and influence you to allow yourself to overcome, and make strong choices that can help you become greater, by waking up the multiplied facets of pursuing your dreams. It’s not technical. I think you lose people when you’re trying to be too professional. Listen, it’s straight to the point. The book is real.

I’m going to give you a powerful message and a quote each day. Many devotional books are very spiritual. I believe in God and I’m a very spiritual person. I truly believe that anything we desire to have, we can have. I believe there is power in speaking things into existence. If you truly want to achieve a goal, nothing can stop you. I think you can accomplish anything in life by trusting God, and most importantly, trusting you. With this book, it’s relatable. Out of 60-days of that inspiration, there are 60-days included that I know I experienced."

Destined for Victory is available for purchase.

“I wrote Destined for Victory, because I’ve always written inspirational quotes. I wanted to do something with that material. There are so many authors out, but who’s reading their work?”

Armstrong is able to share his truths— the shattered moments, and the pivotal parts that would strangle a weak spirit to death. He spoke in demonstrative transparency and offered resolve through familiarity. He believes that his affecting words will reach someone else who might be empty, someone else that is need of something more; hence, Destined for Victory.

Armstrong is the classic underdog that won. He was destined for greatness just because of his upbringing. He hit the bottom, before ever reaching the infrastructure, to making it to the top. Just like anyone else, he stomached dramas and heartaches too, while pressing on. He did not succumb to defeat. Many of those experiences are what helped to sculpt the blueprint for which he is, as well his latest hallmark, “Destined for Victory.”

Click on the links below for more information:

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ArkInspire Instagram

Arkevious J Armstrong  Facebook

“Health over wealth is something I always say. Take care of health, love you, and enjoy life…”

-Arkevious Armstrong

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