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While Securing the Bag Might be the Epic Catch Phrase That Best Describes Business Savant, Cloé Luv,

Cloé Luv is founder of non-profit organization Women With Voices.” Her philanthropic consortium focuses on Queens from all lifestyles with two common interest, alliance and support.

The native of Brooklyn (New York) created an open forum for idealist, dreamers, and doers, as well as women who were enduring struggles, while using tech instruments to help them shine like the stars they are. It’s also an innovative platform for gal-pals across the globe that need support on a common dais; however, they don’t have to travel anywhere—all they need to do is plug into the PC or smart phone and connect.

The 34-year-old launched Women with Voices in 2018.

She came up with the concept because of her own experiences. Luv had a celestial quality that peered from her soul like a magnet, and people clenched to it.

“If they [women] need somewhere to stay,” she said. “I’m usually the person that someone leans on. In my lifetime, I’ve had about three or four women that are friends, and they show up no matter what I’m going through in my life. I never have to ask them to be a particular thing. They just know what you need and they’re there. I met my oldest friend in Kindergarten. She’s held my hand through kindergarten, to marriage, to motherhood. I wanted to create a place where women can get that, removing the cattiness and competition.

Inaugural Women With Voices Gala/ Photo Credits Cloé Luv: Luv pictured with

I know I didn’t want it to be a thing like entrepreneurs, because I feel like most women’s empowerment groups [ are misleading]. You got to be a boss, or you must be this and that. My mission statement is particularly, to meet any woman no matter where she is in life. If she’s a new mom, boss, or going through mental illness, if she came out of a domestic violence situation, we should be able to meet any woman no matter where she is in her point in life, and [we should] support her. That was my goal, which was something that manifested in me. I’ve heard women say that they’ve stayed with men because they had no one else to lean on. No one else was there with them. They stayed in an abusive relationship, and not just physically, but emotionally or mentally. That didn’t sit well with me. We got to step this game up and really come together and unite, so I formed Women with Voices.”

Since Luv is a champion for feminism and women’s rights, we asked about her thoughts surrounding the case with Bill Cosby, the American Dad that we all loved growing up.

“I think it’s very heartbreaking to see, not just him, but a lot of male figures in places of authority, to have taken advantage of women or have sexually abused them—or harmed them in some shape, way or form,” she admitted. “I feel that it’s time for the men who are the role models to learn how to treat women, run a household, be a stand-up man without having to overshadow or rule. They should show support and coexist with women. It’s really time for us to start hearing those stories, and for someone to set the examples for those in power to know that you can’t just use your power to harm people. It’s really disheartening and disappointing to hear some of the stories. It was also a relief. My mom and I saw some of the women that cried their eyes out. Even though it was so many years later, I’m glad that the people who were harmed, they got their justice."

Luv wears many academic hats. The business expert has an Associate’s Degree in Paralegal Studies from Berkley College. She holds a Bachelors Degree in Legal Studies from St John’s University; moreover, a Masters in Public Administration from John Jay University, as well as a MBA from Full Sail University— And that’s just from us tugging at her scholarly achievements.

Now, if we took a glimpse at her business involvements, it’d be safe to say that Luv is an overachiever that refuses to settle or conform into one profession. She has resources that overextend for the next decade or more.

“I’m known for my music production company. I’m the decision maker there. Most people that know me in entertainment, acknowledge me as Cloé Luv "Boss Ladii.” That’s a name that they’ve always called me, but that is not a name I picked for myself. Just knowing what I do within my company, it put me in a place of leadership. I’ve built credibility though those companies. That credibility really helped me when I stepped out. I launched my first award ceremony. I was expecting sixty or eighty people, but when we got one-hundred-and-thirty people confirmed, I started to get nervous, because we didn’t get a big place. I didn’t hire a celebrity headliner or any of those things, because for me, the everyday woman is a celebrity. I wanted to make that clear. There were women there that have done some [amazing] things, but their stories were so much more important than their Instagram numbers. We had one-hundred-and-fifty people come out to the first event. Everybody was so happy with the turnout. Women With Voices did exactly what the mission said it was supposed to do.”

Luv confirmed that she had a sensational networking gathering, where women walked away with practical connections.

“I’m so glad people were susceptible to it”, she chided.

Launching the non-profit was another experience that Luv plowed through like a champ.

“For the first year, I paid for everything out of pocket [18 kids and 2 cohorts]. We have three programs. The first program is actually, “Micro Moguls,” which is an arts program for 11th and 12th graders. I had them [children] in the recording studio. I didn’t have a 5013c I didn’t know how to obtain grants [at the time], so I ended the program because we moved the location. In between that time, I met someone who helped me get my 5013c, who helped me to understand about donation, funding, and compliance. It’s been a lot easier since. I’m still waiting on grants to come back.”

As an influential leader in her community, it’s a no brainer that she’d be enthralled by likeminded individuals such as Mark Cuban.

"His story resonates a lot from him selling garbage bags door-to-door, and getting accepted into top business schools, but going to the cheapest ones so he could pay his way through. He started his first business [while] in his twenties, that he sold for millions in technology. I love Mark Cuban because not only is he a great businessman, he’s a great success story of really starting from the bottom. He has humility. A lot of rich men, and rich white males, I would say as well, has the arrogance and self-centeredness about them. I know people that works with Mark, they are black artist that I know he supports, lends an ear to, that he lends support when they are going through stuff. The things that I hear about him are just phenomenal, because he is one of the richest men in the world, and he still holds on to his humility. I think he’s the most inspirational people for me.

For her own personal merits, she uses spiritual elevation and meditation to self-motivate.

“Everything that I do, I give praise. Every action that I’m able to manifest, I never forget the primary source on which it comes from. One of my prayers that I always have, is the knowledge of Sampson. People in the industry don’t like to share information, because they’re so afraid that you’re going to soar past them. I literally had to figure out how to meditate and how to ask a question, and allow my brain to process the information that I’ve learned to create original thought and figure it out. I’ve been able to do that a lot lately and a lot faster. I’ve self-developed that skill maybe 7 years ago.”

Luv believes that her journey is a passionate quest; moreover, a fulfilling adventure all the same.

“I just launched our app on google play, and by the end of the month, I’m launching the iPhone app. It’s “Social Women With Voices.” It follows the Facebook template, where you can post, put a picture or video, or post a blog where people can follow you. It’s for women, by women. It serves as a way for us to network. It serves as a way for us to support each other, whether it’s through business or FaceTiming someone who is suicidal across the world.

Whether it’s through us meeting with women in India and figuring out how we can build polices, and help through the United Nations here.”

Luv plans to add more features to the app, aside from the virtual office space.

In addition to the whimsical app, she is founder of The “Queens Fashion Week.”

The entrepreneur is no stranger to bump-starting businesses. She commenced her first enterprise at the age of 23. Currently, she’s Manager, Executive Producer and A&R of Brooks Brovaz Music Company.

“I have a hair company and boutique. I’m starting a clothing line with some other people. My husband has three clothing lines under one company. There is a lot of stuff there, but you can’t focus on everything at the same time unless you have effective partnerships. So, what that means for me is that I may have an idea that I will paten or trademark the name. I’m willing to allow you, for a percentage, to do the footwork on it. I can’t focus on that and this. If you don’t have effective partnerships with people that are pulling their weight, you are not going to do multiple things. In my case, I can only focus on three things because my partnerships are what they are. My husband helps a lot with the music. I take care of the business. He does everything else creatively. I have two other partners for my hair and clothing boutique. I’m launching a clothing line, one in Florida and one in Manhattan.”

Although she’s ridiculously immersed, Luv balances life and work as though she were a ballerina posing in a perfect arabesque. It looks difficult, but she pulls it off masterfully.

Luv is a brand. There is no other way to explain it. Yes! Her conglomerates mean everything to her, so she must present a certain level of professionalism at all times, because she is a stunning representation of the marque that she built from the ground up, but Luv doesn’t want to be mislabeled by it.

Underneath the business savvy persona, she’s a woman that’s been through some things.

“I believe people would think I’m like a stick in the mud, or someone who is judgmental of other people. That’s so far from the truth. My life story is shocking to most (people), from my house being robbed, to my family being held at gunpoint. I returned to the studio the next day without anyone even knowing that’s what I went through. I miscarried and returned to work straight out the hospital. People looked at me like I was crazy. The things that I go through, while still maintaining through it [trials], is shocking. People really have no idea [of what I’ve been through].”

If her life were a poem, the ode would go a little like this:

“Just like the moons and like suns,

With certainty of tides, Just like hopes springing high... And still I rise.”

-Maya Angelou


Luv is inspired to fight through the infernos because of the gentleness and meekness of her mom.

“She’s probably one of the most caring and loving people that I’ve ever met in my life.”

It’s a do or die business. You gotta be tough when it counts, rearing to go at a moments notice, and humble when needed, which Luv does affectionately.

“I’m so excited. I’m in a place of feeling really blessed and grateful.”

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