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1990’s Chubb Rock (Chub) and Co-Host Si-Man Baby Treat Their Radio Audience Right  3-7 PM Daily on M

Rap Icon Chubb Rock co-hosts one of the most successful shows on radio in arguably the number one Urban radio market in the country, Atlanta, Georgia.   

Co-host with the legendary Atlanta radio personality Si-Man Baby on MAJIC 107.5 "The Ride" airing 3-7PM weekdays, Chubb treats Atlanta right with a smart interactive blend of current events, music trivia, fun features and more. Chubb also hosts a two-hour syndicated weekend hip-hop show "Diggin' In Tha Crates" currently heard in 40 markets including: New York, Atlanta, Cincinnati, Detroit, Philly, St. Louis, Raleigh, Cleveland and Reno. Totally at ease on the radio, Chubb with his signature voice and quick wit has transformed himself into a successful national radio DJ. Of course, Chubb still performs as many as 100 dates a year throughout the country, but it's his broadcast career that's got everyone's attention--partially because he's the only classic hip-hop artist to successfully transition to radio host. Stories are swirling around Chubb Rock's future plans but suffice it to say, Chubb is winning on the radio and is there to stay! 

JOIN THE RIDE with Chubb Rock and SiMan Baby From 3-7pm, Mon -Fri. on MAJIC 107.5 Atlanta catering to the listeners' sense of diversity with "Ratchet News", "Funk Dat", "Carpool Conversations", "Chubb Rock's Throw Back Jam of the Day", and the "Daily Music Challenge". Energetic and engaging describe the dynamics of the alliance between Chubb Rock and SiMan baby.  

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