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DJ FlowFly Breaking Barriers, Creating Hits For the Cruel Insanity... His Love for Music.

Showstopper deejay and producer, DJ FlowFly is an international sensation, who’s worked with Drake, French Montana, Lumidee, Olivia, Tyga and Fat Joe. Currently, he travels the globe, while bringing the feels to whatever situation he’s in … from hip hop to reggae, DJ FlowFly sets the mood.

The polygonal mixer released latest single with California sensation, JR Castro, called, “Rub Off On You.” 

The zany song is upbeat with R&B / Pop sprinkles.

“It’s definitely provocative, but with the beat, we can say that there’s a touch of pop too," he expressed.

DJ FlowFly is a French DJ, who moved to the United States in 2008, to chase his dreams.

“I was DJ’ing in France and a little bit of everywhere. Then, I moved to New York after moving to the United States. I played in a club called Night Owls. I also got to play in one of the clubs up there for Drake.”

The 33-year-old said that he fell in love with the culture at a pubescent age.

“While I was growing up in France, the big timers on the West Coast was Tupac, Dr. Dre and Snoop Dog. At the same time, the East Coast had Nas, Jay Z, and DJ Premier, so that’s what really inspired me. I bought my first turntables when I was a kid and I began throwing my own parties. I really fell in love with the culture and all aspects of hip hop.”

The international sensation considers himself a DJ first, before anything else.

“I began doing music when I was 5 years old. I started doing piano and drums. I brought myself turntables when I was 13. I started doing mixers, and by the time I hit my 20’s, I was doing computer programs. I love to produce, because I can sit in my zone; but that’s why I love the DJ part too, because I can really connect with the people, and see what type of song is working.”

The Veejay was added to the SKAM Artist roster as well, which is such a big deal in the world of music.

"The SKAM Artist is a booking agency where there is Swizz Beatz, Nick Cannon, and Jermaine Dupri. They get artist like that," said FlowFly. "The first time I came to the United States, I moved to Miami, and I met DJ Irie from the Miami scene. I really have a good connection with him. When I moved to New York, I met DJ Reach—both are through the SKAM Artist agency. My best friend, who’s like my brother, he’s a house music DJ, who is a SKAM artist too. He connected me to Sujit, the boss of the SKAM Artist Agency… We were initially on the same page, so he signed me on."

According to DJ FlowFly, the SKAM Artist Roster is somewhat important. It’s a platform for DJ’s to connect with mainstream. It’s one of the top three agencies in the U.S.

FlowFly is penned as an open format DJ, because of his dimensional ranges of music. He has a global buzz, and can get radio play at the snap of a finger. Issa vibe undoubtedly.

 DJ FLOWFLY & Lumidee

“You can climb step-by-step, but at one-point you’re not going to be one of the big shots or on the radio—You’re still going to be on that second level. Afterwards, to get to that next level-- The best example for today is DJ Khaled and Future, from the hip hop world. Before he was recognized for these tracks, he was in the Miami area, with his own radio show. As soon as he started making his own tracks, he stepped out to do that. Even for the guy who does house music. Before he started doing all his tracks, he was a radio MC. As soon as one of his tracks hit the charts, he became well-known.”

DJ FlowFly can work with just about anyone, but he looks for a few things that standout when working with a person like, the business side of the collaborations, friendships, camaraderie with the artist, in addition to their managers.

“We do music because we love it. There is always a magic that happens in the studio; but if it's someone you don’t really know, it’s more business.”

DJ FlowFly worked with numerous artist, whether local to that area and state, or celebrity status. He said that out of all the performances/performers, Chris Brown is his favorite.

“Chris Brown sings, he raps and he dances; but, I’d have to say that Beyoncé is number 1 without question. Everybody loves Beyoncé. If somebody says they don’t like Beyoncé, then that means I don’t like you,” he laughed.

He’s a little timid with country music, but he’d still lay heat to the turntables.

The famous DJ is working on more sounds, but he’s yet to announce his next collabo overtly, so sit tight.

Credits: SKAM Artist

Life motto: When you work you can do anything. There’s nobody that can stop you if you really want to do it. If someone gives you the chance, you need to just walk out and make it happen.

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