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Arte Couture Consulting Services Presented the Debut of Chin Ó Arté by Wayne®️: A Designer Lineup Wi

Sampling the fabrics of skin tone with different corners of beautiful.

April, 21 2018 (Charlotte, NC)— Saturday, Wayne hosted a triumphant, fashion runway show at Extravaganza on 1610 N Tryon St, Charlotte, NC 28206.

The detailed designer premiered his exclusive and patent clothing line, Chin Ó Arté by Wayne.

The event wrangled in sundries of spectators from all walks a life, who all had one thing in common, the love of VOGUE. Guest fraternized cordially, while waiting on the anticipated moment of reveal.

LaKia Starks (Producer Fox 46, WJZY) hosted the event, and Reverend Massey opened the showing with a moment of prayer. Vocalist, Gail Ford sang a reminiscent melody from the depths of her soul, sounding much like Nina Simone. The song was an astounding entryway for greater things to come throughout the evening.

Other entertainment features include 19-year-old Ethan, the comedian, and poet Lonnie Davis, who recited a prolific ode (with Gail Ford harmonizing a riff).

Veteran Runway Coach, Jennifer Michelle provided red carpet correspondence with darling cameraman, Jorge Alvarez-Washington .

Authors Chermean and Latise Howie, described Waynes constant achievements in 8 minutes or less.

Through them, we learned that the couturier spent over 15-years in fashion & retail, working with Armani, Kenneth Cole for Men, and Ann Taylor, to name a few. He spends a remarkable amount of time lending his resources and teaching up-and-coming models a thing-or-two about the industry.

Modeling runway training

Click here to see premiere of Chin Ó Arté by Wayne on Fox News 46.

While Wayne is certainly a fashion buff, he is an influence at large, who attracted others for the splendid occasion.

Former Football player, turned vintage designer, Bill Evans, complimented Wayne on his love for curvy designs.

His statement was true. Waynes haute designs were contemporary and timeless. They were not overly dramatized, but a hybrid of aspirant, flirty and fun creations.

Wayne is a rule-breaker as well as a trendsetter. He curates all types of garbs, whether formal or intimate-- And WOWIE, let's chat about his plus size samples!

The newest-wrinkle that Wayne added to his lineup was an admission to full-figured women. An acknowledgment through his creations that states, “Curvy bodices deserve just as much attention as an A-liner.”

Many local designers avoid plus size apparel, because according to them, fabrics are more costly for the the shapely woman.

If you visit any boutique in the Charlotte area, you’ll find, there aren’t very many that cater to curvy sizes.

Wayne crucified those selfish and tacky excuses. He developed Chin Ó Arté by Wayne with statuesque women in mind.

Stores like Ashley Stewart and Targets, their garments are frumpy and not as accentuating, so there isn’t much to look forward; however, Chin Ó Arté by Wayne grazes the voluptuous body eloquently and seductively.

The pieces seamlessly fit as though they were hand stitched specifically for the wearer.

Wayne crossed lines with the males regalia, literally. He placed buttons in places where they didn't belong, and widened slits across the front of tunics. Granted, it’s not for everyone, but these haute garments are definitely for the more mature male who's unafraid to rock just about anything as long as it’s stylish.

"Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life." —Bill Cunningham

Closing out the event, Wayne extended warmest appreciations to all who came.

He also shared that he is working on more projects, and would love to meet new models in the interim.

Check out our photo pics from the event:

Gail Ford singing Alabaster Box

As for the Fashionable Dior:

Wayne stuck with black, white, grey, blue and red fabrics; however, lace as well as prints, took over the seasonal introduction with fantastic gestures.

Swimwear for women

Evening wear

Visit Wayne here for more information on the brand or for modeling opportunities.

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