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Channeling all the desires that a romance author can muster, Chermean, is giving book lovers a reaso

For starters, and when it comes to storytelling, Chermean raises the bar for creative writers who’s looking to self-publish.

Readers want to imagine dirty shoe laces dangling from a pair of shabby sneakers. They need to be sucked into a fictitious story so that they can fall in love with their favorite characters, while hating the other. There needs to be distinction and fantastic dialogue, a colorful enrichment that brings a good story to life.

Novelist, Chermean, pens all of the trimmings mentioned above. She wrote two sublime books that would make editors at Author House beyond ecstatic.

Her first anecdote, which is a more succulent read, snags bookworms by the shirttail with a provocative opening page. Chermean takes book lovers on a seductive ride with Perfectly Addicted, a vexing and yet sensual narrative about love, lust, and friendship.

Perfectly Addicted is my first novel. We give you a great definition of what that means. You, guys, will have to figure out what your addiction is. 

My second novel is Entangled Affairs.”

Chermean was actually inspired by Sister Souljah and her cult classic, The Coldest Winter Ever, to write Perfectly Addicted.

"That book was everything to me I loved the details. I felt like I was living Winters life. That's what got me to the point where I knew I could do it [write a book]. I try not to read books now because I don't want anyone's book to taint what I want to write."

Perfectly Addicted was published in 2009, but it’s still in the category for haute and stimulating reads. It allocates deception in the same manner that Mary B. Morrison wrote the Sweeter Than Honey series. It’s a book clubs top pick, like Terry McMillan and How Stella Got her Groove Back.

"This was my first book— And since everyone loved it so much, we decided that we’re going to do a relaunch party. That date is going to be announced on all my social media platforms. Stay tuned," Chermean giggled at the notion of holding her readers in suspense.

The novelist promises a lot of possibilities from the relaunch of the book, but she definitely remained mum about the intricate details, so you’ll have to follow her and keep up!

As for the story-line, it isn’t outdated in the least, and there’s a larger connection to the characters than people realize. 

Perfectly Addicted could resurface 20 years from now, and it would be just as mesmerizing as its 2009 influx.

The book is erotica but, we wanted to get away from just saying erotica. We have a lot more than that. We call the book “sensually-sexy.” I say that because there’s definitely a plot and there’s depth, as well as relationships and drama. There’s more than erotica. You get the good stuff, but readers will want to know more about these characters.

‘It’s a book about relationships, friendships, both with your girlfriends and your relationship with a male. This book shows how your friends will be here for you no matter what you’re going through. We all have a friend like, Pam, who’s that friend that’s just rough around the edges, but she means well. She’s down for her friend. Then, we have Tara, who’s that meek friend. She’s going to be there but she’s the quiet one.

We have my professional, main, character, which is Camille. You, guys, are going to want to know so much about these people once you start reading. I give you so much detail that you feel like you’re living their lives."

“The second book gives you a little bit of insight on how a woman and a man are in a perfect relationship, so you think. Then, there’s this one secret that will destroy the whole relationship and marriage. You have to decide if you want to give up that secret or save your relationship.”

The 40-year-old author writes detailed passages that are arresting. It’s deeply noted throughout her creative scripts that she’s a natural writer with a knack for great storytelling, which she acknowledges.

“I was the child growing up, that I had to take care of my siblings. I did everything the way you should. I was living sheltered—So, I just started writing vicariously through all these people.”

Chermean said that she people-watched, and those personality traits helped to cultivate her characters.

“I took something that I liked and [things I] disliked from different personalities,” she said. “As an author, you have to find the thing you can relate to, and that temperament that you really don’t care for in a person.”

Of all the ripened characters in her book, Pam is Chermean’s favorite from the flock.

“Pam more like me. Pam is that girl who’s going to tell it like it is. She loves her friend. She doesn’t care what anyone says about her. That’s me. I’m that girl, who you’re going to love or not love, one way or the other. Pam is the girl that’s just going to keep it real. I like that about her.”

Chermean concluded that research was important for her when writing the scadelous and yet authentic tales.

“I want you to be able to read my book and relate. Even down to the outfits when the girls were going out, I give the readers so much detail that they can visualize what Pam, Camille, and Tara, wore on that first night that they partied. 

I created a professional character, who you don’t think will do some of the things that she’s pulled into. We always say what we won’t do, but the truth is, you don’t know what you’ll do when dealing with that similar situation.”

Chermean went on to say that the book is about crossing barriers and drawing the line in the sand— It’s about finding out what those deal breakers are within a relationship.

The beautiful mother of three said that her creative team makes a difference in how her work may flow from day-to-day.

“Perfectly Addicted should’ve been a best seller when it hit, but now I have a team to push that brink. Sometimes, they believe in me when I don’t even see it. When I’m tired, they call me with their energy and it wakes me up, making me want to get ready. Their energy gives me life.

I’m disciplined. I work from home and I got my degree while being at home. I never went inside a classroom. When I have a mission and goal, I’m going to go and get it.”

On that agenda of goal achieving, the author completed a third manuscript; however, she urges readers to grab Perfectly Addicted before the novel hits the market.

When talking about the censored scenes in her book, Chermean casually stated that holy-rollers would judge her either way. She's only writing what people are thinking even though they'd probably omit it.

"I can't care what people are thinking about me. I need to put my creativity and my shine on my work. I have people that you would least expect, to read my book."

Perfectly Addicted added spice back into marriages, and relationships, which is the point... evoking some type of emotion. If an author can stimulate feelings from his or her readers, then by God, they have done their job—Chermean did her job.

"The book is for everybody. It has great drama and relationships. It's for a everybody,” Chermean chided.

If she could change one thing about her experience as a newbie author, Chermean shared that she'd push harder to get the book on the best sellers list, but that's about it.

In this day and age, kids admire the favorite rap artist or reality tv personality... That’s not the case with Chermean. She's a role model first, and  above all else she continues to show her children that opportunities come for those who create them.

There will be no shortages of resources in her household. Believe it or not, she’s also an arts & crafts connoisseur.

"People don't know that I do amazing [stained] glasses. I create wedding glasses and NFL glasses. I make shirts... I'm just a crafty girl. I don't know. I just have to get things done. I don't want to slow down. I want to keep pushing."

Along with the relaunch of Perfectly Addicted, Chermean is modeling and placing her best stilettos forward to ensure success this time around.

"This isn't just about books. I want people to know that they can be sexy after forty. I want people to know they can write, model, and do all types of things."

The saucy author plans to show all and do all in the next coming year.

Message for self publishers: Take a lot of time to know what it takes to be on the best sellers list. Know your market... Don't worry what people have to say. Keep it sexy and classy. Stop worrying about what people think. Do what's important to you.

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