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Young G, Neoteric Rapper From Philly Introduces New Music & Talks About Dreams of One Day Making

Young G hit Charlotte, NC, for the 2018 CIAA kickoff. He said that he just wanted to schmooze and get into the mix before gong back to the studio and putting in that work.

Listen to track:  Do Not Disturb

The Philly rapper spends time participating in community events, writing and making music. Often times, he’s networking and rubbing elbows with influential people in the industry. 

He’s shared the stage with other trailblazer artist in the business like DeJ Loaf, 6IX9INE and Jacquees.

He’d like to perform alongside Philly’s super-star, Meek Mills, as well as grandpa Hov (Jazy Z).

Listen to Young G featuring Rich The Kid: On Now

He’s scored a role in independent film, Flawless.

“It’s an Urban film that’s set in the late 90’s. It’s more about drugs, money and violence. It was a great experience. I had a good time working with the entire cast. There were a lot of big names in there [the project]. “

The 22-year-old considers himself a young artist from North Philadelphia, [who’s] trying to make a splash in the music industry. 

Before this [rapping], I was playing basketball in school. I was in Jersey for two years and Florida for two years. I wanted to be in the NBA.

That was the ultimate goal but, where you are, it’s not your final destination. You just have to be there until you get to that next level. Everything happens for a reason. Me, not playing basketball, that’s the reason I’m where I am right now with the music.”

And with that optimistic outlook, Young G, along with his siblings, headed their own music group, Been Rich Lifestyle.

From there, they made it their sole quest to bring new flavorful sounds to Philly.

It’s a family thing, and that’s the movement we’re with,” said Young G.

The buoyant artist vibes out with his brothers during studio sessions.

“I just put a beat on and get into my zone. Me and my brothers just chill. We’re all together in a room having a good time. We just blast the beats, and we rise to each others energy.”

Working with family might be blasé for some, but for Young G, he enjoys it. His favorite studio session happened recently while they were recording latest track called All Star.

“That was definitely one of my favorite sessions. Everybody fed off each other’s energy and had a good time.”

The lyricist said that even though he loves working with his brothers, he feels inspired by his father.

My pops has been the provider for as long as I can remember. He was out there grinding round-the-clock nonstop, making things happen. I definitely look up to him every day. He has this strong work ethic that makes me want to go that much harder.”

Young G’s parents are probably the most vocal, tech savvy, and encouraging parental’s that a music artist could have [next to Beyoncé’s cheer squad].

“Yeah, they definitely support. They come to my shows. They listen to the music and throw it [cd info] on their Instagram.”

If he could go back in time and meet his younger self, he’d tell him: “Don’t stop what you’re doing. Everything happens for a reason. Where you are, it’s not your final destination. Just keep pushing and just do what you do every day. Just keep working,” he spoke assuredly.

Currently, the artist is working on album, Love Over Lust Fame Under Fortune.

It’s a seven track EP that we’re working on. It’s a lot of big dogs on there, and a lot of turn-up records, and a lot of energy on that EP. The single spiraling from that is All Star.

Closing remarks: Chase your dreams and don’t give up. Don’t ever let anyone tell you what you can and cannot do.

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