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Local Artist, Tigo B. breaks bread with music lovers in North Carolina with latest single, “Where Yo

The song is an unquestionable banger. It stirs complimentary blends of hip hop and A-pop rhythms, generating cool vibes for an exultant atmosphere.

Tigo B collaborated with DJ Luke Nasty, to dish up a sultry anthem that’s ceaseless, and a guaranteed hit for all seasons.

Normally, the rapper releases music, praising North Carolina, and it’s vastly growing cities. Whelp, the single, Where You Come From, is no different. Tigo B. pays homage to several exotic spots throughout the NC territory while still dapping it up for his Carolina supporters.

"I'm an artist from Raleigh, North Carolina to be specific. I'm stationed in Greensboro," he said.

Initially, we met the lyricist about two-years ago during another interview with vocalist, Ricco Barrino.

Barrino talked about he and Tigo B’s collaborative record, Vibes.

Even then, Barrino commended Tigo B for being a naturally talented artist who will go far in the industry. If memory serves, Barrino said that Tigo B was the real deal.

He applied serious pressure in the entertainment industry. Tigo B said that consistency is important.

"We've been doing the same thing. We didn’t do anything different. I’m passionate about what I do and I’m consistent. I’m always quality over quantity. I put out a good project and it sticks.

I’m honest in my music, so I just pull on my experiences or other peoples experiences that are around me. Melody and everything else just comes to me naturally.”

Teenagers love his flow, so consequently, he has a beautiful mashup within his fanbase that caters to multiple demographics.

“When it comes to the kids,” said Tigo B.

“I feel like you got to be the person you needed when you were younger. For me, I needed to see someone from the area that was really doing it, that was progressive with it, that showed me success was possible.

The only person that I saw, doing it like that, was Petey Pablo, initially.

When I came to Greensboro, I saw Brandon Beal and he was doing his thing. When it was my turn, I just wanted to elevate it— And take things to the next level so that the kids could see someone that was tangible and touchable, and see that these goals are possible.

For me, it’s an honor and a responsibility.”

His glow-up and impending success is absolute. 

Tigo B released CNN, Back to the money, and 69. Though CNN got much airplay on the local urban radio stations, along with Where You Come From, mode is something that he doesn't take lightly.

"I'm honored. I loved the fact that the city and the state is supporting me— And, I'm really just focused on the future. I don't get too caught up in the moment. I always create, and that's where I'm at with it [prominence]."

Where You Come From has a catchy hook that most people just gravitate too. Mostly, when I make my music, I'm inspired. It's two ways—Sometimes, I write songs without any music whatsoever. Other times, producers will play certain beats. Once I hear the production, words will be inspired by that. In this particular situation, I was in the studio with Gotti Rock Solid. We played the beat, and that was literally the first thing that I freestyled.

CNN by Tigo B

Tigo B is getting spins in other states as well. Duh! Why wouldn't he?

According to Tigo B, moving from this point forward, he's using the vision that God gave him, and he’s going all the way to the top.

"I have a lot of situations on the table... some things that's in the works. The plan is to take the song nationally within the next couple of weeks— Going all over this country and abroad, that's where I'm going from here."

He didn't add a final destination to his last statement, so there's room to explore the inevitable possibilities.

"Truthfully, music has always been something that's in my heart, and I've always been good at doing it. I used to write poetry, but not as something that I was trying to share with the world. They used to have this little thing called, "AIM." It was an AOL app similar to messenger. I updated poetry as my status, because I felt like being creative. 

In college, I had a homeboy that kept a microphone in his closet [bootleg studio]. He said he was a rapper, and that he wanted to try it out— This was before everybody started rapping. I went in there, did my thing, and everybody liked it. I knew at that point that I had a natural talent to do music.

I’m passionate about what I do. It’s a gift that I have. I want to be able to make money off my gift, to feed my family and friends. 

If you aren’t living your passion, then you’re not living.

You can have a job, and that job can pay you millions of dollars— That’s cool but, you’re doing a job because of what it’s paying you. It’s not certain you’d be doing the job if you weren’t getting paid to do it.

I’d be doing music anyway. I’m motivated by the fact that it’s within me. I feel relief and comfort when I create a record.”

Tigo B is like the Yoda of music. “You gone learn [some wisdom] today”—He's an ambidextrous musician as well. This has nothing to do with his hands, but everything to do with his vocals. 

Impressively, Tigo B is a self-taught songster, who maximized aptness by researching and studying artist to develop a perpetual sound.

I taught myself to sing around 2011 and 2012. At that time, I was into meditation and spirituality, so I wanted to sing mantras better. I found singers on YouTube, and taught myself. I studied everyday. I always knew melody. I just needed to get the sound out that I was working on in my head.

I’ve been with vocal coaches before. I think vocal coaches could help me take my brand to another level. In the “Information Age” you can teach yourself to do anything. You just need the drive and the will to do it.

This past week, Tigo B participated in a Pop-up shop for Wrangler Jeans. 

He’s also founder and envoy of a funky clothing line called Tribe .

If Tigo B couldn’t do music, he’d be that haute instructor teaching spirituality. You, know, the kind that has droans of clients far and wide, who’d sign up just to get next to him. 

He also said that he’d like to share the stage with Kanye West, because he respects everything that he’s done.

If his world came to an end tomorrow, Tigo B would want people to know that he believed in himself fully.

But, we speak life over this artist and his endeavors, so in closing, we just want you to check out his music and enjoy.

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