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We’re making sure that her good deeds don’t go unnoticed! Motivational speaker and momtrepreneur, Ca

CaDori [Cathy Marshall], is an amiable native of Birmingham, Alabama, but she currently resides in Houston, Texas. She spends time building, networking, and inspiring others with her latest parable, “Women, Put Yourselves First and Be Happier Unsurprisingly, the guidebook has affectionate notes drizzled throughout. 

When asked about her favorite passage, CaDori said, “I like the chapter where I’m talking about doing things for yourself without feeling guilty or obligated. That came from a place from me being a mom. 

“A lot of times, we, moms think that we need to put our kids ahead of us.

We go to the department store and we don’t like to buy ourselves anything. We always buy stuff for the kids because we feel guilty if we get our nails done, and do something for ourselves— We feel like we always need to put everything into our child or other people; so I really like that [section] the most. My theory is, ‘If you put into yourself a little more, you feel better and you have more to give.’ I like that chapter.”

CaDori gets the big picture… She understands the sacrifices of parenthood. Women will give the skin off their backs to ensure their children have what they need. It’s not to say that men don’t make their own sacrifices, but this isn’t about them. So, they shouldn’t take it personal. CaDori is stating that it’s okay to live a healthier and guilt free life.  It took her three days to write the book, and less than thirty days to publish it.

Not wasting time, CaDori leaped into action rather quickly to spread the word about her newest project. She was inspired by her son’s benevolent words, ‘Make yourself happy first, Mom.’ The book is a accomplishment, in addition to being a crucial point of happiness for CaDori.

“I mainly marketed by word-of-mouth, and through social media. I didn’t have a publicistat that time, so I did that. It was a little challenging, but I got it out.”

With unyielding work, CaDori was able to introduce the manuscript to Book Expo and Book Con (New York)—To date, she has made over one-thousand sales.

Eventually, CaDori enlisted a publicist, which was a smart move. The motivational guru says that life is easier now that she has additional expertise that she didn’t have before.

As for that worthwhile book, people began telling CaDori that they loved her work, and that they were inspired by her words. Those confirmations allowed CaDori to further unveil her purpose in life.

Although this next statement is an observation, it seems that her venture is a successful journey, but CaDori said that her accomplishments has nothing to do with money. It’s the replenishment of change, an accumulation of positivity poured into the lives of others.

While traveling through her own intervals of life, she experienced setbacks, which is another reason she places so much emphasis on self care and personal motivation. 

“I self motivate, [and] I’m always reading things and encouraging people. I have a lot of empowerment sites on my Facebook page. I look for quotes. I pray throughout the day, and I try my best to surround myself with other people who are like-minded, that are sane and [capable of] empowering themselves as well.”

CaDori is a Registered Nurse and a willful entrepreneur. For instance, she founded CaDori’s Helping Hands in 2017. The rapidly growing organization is an all-embracing resource, put in place for the less fortunate. CaDori also established ‘Dougies Kids, Inc., in 2011– It’s a charitable organization committed to the wellbeing of children.

“The non-profit, Dougie’s Kids, was developed in honor of my son, to pay homage to him, as well as help kids. He always loved kids. He didn’t have any. He was always motivating kids, going to their games and mentoring them throughout his teen and college life. I did that to let my son’s name live on. I’ve given out scholarships over the years, and we’ve done some wonderful things. Those actions helped the community, and kept my son’s name going, and alive.

With CaDori Helping Hands, I was homeless at one point years ago, before I became a nurse. I had to stay at a shelter for one week, and rely on other people for things that I didn’t have at the time. It made me have a special bond inside of me for those that are less fortunate.”

In 2017, CaDori’s Helping Hands, provided turkeys and hams during the holidays. They donated baby supplies to young mothers, and they also delivered disinfectants as well as hygiene products to families devastated by Hurricane Harvey.

During the summer of 2017, CaDori orchestrated a back-to-school kick-back. She donated backpacks equipped with school supplies, and delivered them to children in a local shelter.

Creating her own ‘Loaves and Fishes,’ she fed over one hundred (no dash) people displaced by Hurricane Harvey.

CaDori balances her careers effectively. She isn’t padlocked into a profession, so she has more flexibility that allows freedom to work in her philanthropic hubs. She isn’t experiencing the burnout that most working professionals endure when juggling passions on the side. In fact,  having been a writer since she was a teenager, she decided to publish her self-help book, while helping her niece get her first book published.

“I helped my niece get her book published back in January or February of 2017, and the thought crossed my mind, ‘Hey, since you have so much input, you need to really do yours.”

That pep talk was a kickstarter for more opportunities. CaDori serves as an ambassador for her brand, she’s also curator. She launched, "I Love Me" and CaDori Helping Hands merchandise. Furthermore, that fabulous magnate crafted a gift box with a special motif inside.

CaDori is in the process of writing  her second cookbook. The author claims to be a chef de cuisine.

“I’m the oldest girl of thirteen kids. I had one brother older than me, so I’ve been cooking since I was seven years old. I had to get in the kitchen with my mom and learn how to make biscuits from scratch, corn bread, everything you can think of, as well as cuisines, I’ve been cooking that since I was a kid.”

The blossoming entrepreneur published a cosmopolitan cookbook about five years ago, which demonstrates that she isn’t new to the process. It’s possible that she could really throw down in the kitchen.

We never doubted it.

The book had over one hundred recipes from other countries.

This year, CaDori is creating something different. She’s preparing dinners that take less than ninety minutes to make.

Honestly, we don’t know how she finds the time. It doesn’t matter if she’s working in philanthropies, cooking or writing, CaDori mobilizes change without prejudice or delay—she adds value to the world simply by being who she is.

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