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Tête-à-tête with Brély Evans about her leading role in TV ONE Original Movie, "You Can't Fi

TV ONE Original Movie, “You Can’t Fight Christmas” starring Brély Evans (Leslie Major) and Anrdra  Fuller (Edmund James) is premiering December 10, 2017 at 7:00pm EST.

The story is set at the Chesterton Hotel, which many viewers might remember scenes from the same marquee in “Miss Me This Christmas.”

Leslie Major, Interior Designer is hired to spruce up the hotel with décor and holiday oomph since it’s been a standing tradition for the lodge owner and his family.

She is all too thrilled to come in with her esteemed employees to do what she does best by adding a little feng shui and livening up the place with Christmas aesthetics.

Major eventually runs into Edmund James, who’s the hotel owners grandson, as well as the future propertier of the Chesterton.

 Scene with Evans and Fuller

James is assuming the family business, but he’s not keen on his grandfathers traditions. He definitely isn’t in the spirit of Christmas either.

The story takes place in the hotel where James and Major keep locking horns. The two are battling temptations, in addition to their tug-a-war about Christmas.

Fuller and Evans

Evens engraves a certain gusto into her character, Major. She has bravado and it stands out.

TV ONE definitely nailed it when selecting her for the demermined and yet fervent, Major.

Evans said that she was pleased to be the leading woman for the movie. 

“Let me tell you, I am the Chrismacy type of girl. I love the holiday season. You guys know that my birthday is December ninth. I celebrate my birthday from December first all the way through Jesus’s birthday, December twenty-fifth, but then I kinda let up on it. I am celebratory the entire month of December.

To be the leading lady in TV ONE Original movie, You Can’t Fight Christmas is the best birthday, slash, Christmas gift a girl could ask for. I’m one of those types that don’t believe in the two-for-one gift, but I said, ‘ Look, I need more than one gift. And, they gave me that.” 

Evans is celebrating the month of December for several reasons. She is the leading diva, she’s commemorating her birth month, and scoring the soundtrack for, “You Can’t Fight Christmas.”

 “I am singing a song when the movie is going off. That’s me singing.

Can I tell you, Poke Productions, they are my family for life.

 Greg, Elizabeth Cullen, and Shaun Dwyer, for them to see my talent, offer me this film, and then build it around me and all my gifts—I am forevever grateful to them. They didn’t have to do that. They didn’t have to extend, and extend, and extend, what my possibilities were for this film. 

I’m just grateful for TV ONE, picking it up and saying, “Yeah, we’ll put Brély on there. They made me the leading lady. As I said, ‘This is the best Christmas-birthday ever.’

Evans shared in jest that if she could slap the taste-buds out of one of her co-stars, it’d have to be...

Ew, you know it had to be that Persia White. She played her role so well, and her name was Millicent. She was just so mean to me,” hissed Evans comically.

Persia White 

You guys have got to watch it. We have such an incredible dynamics because when you see the love and comradery between Porsha Coleman, and myself, as besties and bestfriend’s. She’s also my assistant. Travis Winfrey plays my other assistant. They are my left and right hand.

Evans and Travis Winfrey

Then, I have my fight to get Edmond, [Andra Fuller] back in love with the holiday spirit. Then, my relationship with the owner of the Chesterton hotel, [played by] Mr. Richard Gantt, and then Marla Gibbs.

This cast is an all-star cast, and I’m really blessed. I’m a fan of all those people that I just named.”

Evans is just too phenom for words. She’s got the qualities that girl crushes are made of, seriously. 

Brély Evans is the type of actress that would win an Oscar for her performance and she’d still credit all of the cast and crew by giving everyone a piece of the Oscar if she could. She’d literally divy up the award and pass it out.

Evans commented that she doesn’t have any holiday-buzz-kills, which isn’t a surprise.

I mean, are we really suprised?

Her happiness is completely intentional.

You can’t really knock me off my block. I’m so high or lit as they say, that I don’t think you could blow my flame out with anything. I really don’t think you can. Even if you don’t bring me a gift, I’m cool, because Christmas is all year around. I don’t know if I have a bad spirit. I really don’t know.”


The actress agrees that she’s optimistic about life.

“I am, because I’m going to get a kiss under the mistletoe. I’m gettin all of that, so I don’t know what my buzz-kill would be.”

Man, can you imagine having a persona that’s just as striking as Evans? 

In the film, Evans is an advocate for black love, black working families, and black businesses.

Black love, black businesses, black film, and television, I am so blessed to be part of it. I just love a chocolate movie. I just call us Chocolate Cinemas. I love Chocolate Cinema. It is the bomb. It is showing our babies that you can be more than singers and actors, dancers and football players. You can be owners of hotels. You can be the bomb designer that you get lots of accolades for your work. Just showing us in every [positive] light possible— And, I love TV ONE for coming through with our stories and making sure that we are well represented in media. I’m just blessed to be part of it. Hollywood is a large place, but a very small place for an African American curvy girl. It just gets smaller and smaller on my demographic. For them to let me shine my light, and for them to shine the light on me, I am so grateful. I am looking forward to shinning my light on other people’s talent as I move throughout the country into 2018.”

Davis elaborated gracefully and beautifuly what it means to be a black, plus-sized, successor in Hollywood.

Okay, before we go ga-ga over Evans again, Le’s talk about the reasons that viewers should watch You Can’t Fight Christmas.

Your readers should watch the movie because this is that time of the year, to get those warm and fuzzy feelings. This movie is going to make you laugh. Your eyes are going to well up with tears a little bit.

This is the time to take away from your bills, heartaches and all those things. If you want to just relax, fall back and enjoy the holiday season by laughing a little bit, crying a little bit, and just feeling love in the air, [then] this is the film for you.

We are already calling this a Christmas classic, so put on “You Can’t Fight Christmas.

It’s going to be in your play list every year.”

You Can’t Fight Christmas December 10, 2017 at 7:00pm ET on TV ONE.

Set those timers. DVR it... Enjoy!

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