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They continuously dole out the Funnies! TV ONE’s hit sitcom ‘Family Time’ premiers tonight!

Family Time is premiering with uproarious comedy for its 5th consecutive season. According to cast members of the show, they are just getting warmed up

The TV series is cruising in it’s on lane, while addressing many hot topics that relate to family.

You might remember leading actors, Omar Gooding and Angell Conwell from their roles on Baby Boy.

They had that love, hate, dynamics as boyfriend and girlfriend which was about 16-years ago.

Whelp, they’re back as wise parentals.

Ironically, Conwell and Gooding are Hollywood X’s in Real life. But the two give us so much compassion while on-the-set, it’s really hard to believe that there isn’t a flicker of somethin, somethin going on behind the scenes that they aren’t talking about.

We’re kidding!

All jokes aside, though much older, the two still carry adaptable realism through their characters. This time, it’s with a husband and wife, fighting to make a come-up in Broke-Class-America.

That was a typo. We meant ‘Middle-Class- America.’

The show is centered around the Stallworth Family, for those of our readers that don’t know.

When Tony Stallworh [Omar Gooding] hits the lottery by winning a scratch off [Why can’t I be so lucky], he moves his family to the Suburbs just like the Jefferson’s.

The show offers a variety of intricate parts familiar to the 80’s sitcom, "The Jeffersons," however, this is probably the only television show accommodating to Black families, the way the Cosby's executed. So, while its impressive to touch on many topics relating to the reminiscent comic parodies, it was fair to ask if the show reinforces parenting, which is lacking in television today.

“The thing that I love about sitcoms in general, and obviously its abbreviated for situational comedy. I realize that it’s really situation communication, because no matter what is going on at the beginning of the sitcom, no matter how big the problem or how small the problem, by the end of the show, there’s going to be some type of resolve, It’s because of the communication that happens within the first thirty minutes of the show. Yes, I think it does bring back parenting. But with Tony and Lisa Stallworth, they have a very relatable way of communicating, and dealing with their children, which I think is important,” said Conwell.

“Some of these situations and topics seems to be taboo with certain families. Sometimes, with the black families, so many things can go unspoken-- And when things continue to go unspoken, it can fester. It can actually create a problem that can be bigger than what it needed to be. But, yes, I will express that parenting is involved. I’m not a parent yet. From playing Lisa [Stallworth], and from my observation, there’s a lot of authentic communication that needs to happen. That just needs to happen with Lisa, Tony, and the children, and also with the rest of family. Communication is just a really important aspect of family in life.”

“We aren’t exactly like the Cobsy’s. We let the Cosby’s speak for themselves. I don’t think the Huxtables ever whooped them kids. Um, we get it in,” said Omar.

“Yeah, I was gonna say that our show is a more realistic view-point of parenting. When I used to watch The Cosby Show, they never really did anything wrong that I could imagine myself, doing, wrong. It was always very cutesy.

I think we keep it real, like Bentley said. Life imitates art, and these are things that happened in his and the other writer’s lives. I think it’s a little more relatable and a hopefully more helpful,” stated Tanjareen Thompson.

The characters share that same energy on the show, if not more.

Gooding and Conwell uses real-time dialogue and conversation.

Omar Gooding said that it’s been an excellent season and that he’s just ecstatic for the fans.

“My character has grown. The dynamic between Tony and Lisa, it’s a lot more love this season, [and] a lot more kissing. He’s not on the couch. She’s looking fabulous as ever. He’s [Tony] funnier than ever. The writing is excellent.” After 5 seasons, and I’m not saying this just because I wrote one of the scripts, but the writing, we really found our groove.

In the wake of all the tragedies going on in this country. Don’t get me started on this president and all the disasters and everybody’s losses. I think people need to laugh, and when they tune into “Family Time” season five, they will get that. This was the hardest season, to not break character during the scenes. The outtakes are hilarious. The writing is fantastic. I think the chemistry that we’ve built throughout five seasons really shows. It really comes across this year. I’m happy to be part of it. I’m happy to be blessed with season five and season six coming around the corner. There’s a lot of things going on with everybody’s lives this year. I think this is right on time so I’m real jazzed about it.”

Conwell said, “I play Lisa Stallworth, who is the wife of Tony Stallworth, and then mother of two [Kids]—You know, Omar pretty much covered it. I think it’s a great time in general for people to be able to tune-in, laugh, and be entertained. Family Time has pretty much captured the fun comedies in a major way for the past five seasons, and nothing’s going to change. It’s only going to get better this season. All of it. I feel like there’s more involvement with all the cast. The guest stars are all hilarious. We have Shirley Ceaser on the show this season. We have a lot of vets, and a lot of fresh faces. Bentley Kyle Evans, who created our show, and [is the] producer and director of our show, he always has a concise mixture of all types of talents. I’m really excited for the show in general. I love it.”

Paula Jai Parker, you gotta remember all her roles as the infamous Hood-rat, Hoochie-mama from Hustle & Flow as well as Friday. She plays Lori, on the show. Parker conversates with cast members affectionately, and reassures them that they’re doing a fantastic job. “I definitely see the growth in all of us. Definitely, the couple. They are like, literally, my favorite TV couple. It’s because they represent ‘Black love.’ We don’t shy away from it. Even the familiar is just real. Our characters, we argue, laugh and tease, and joke,“ she goaded.

It’s obvious that support comes by the boat load from this group. They openly celebrate the growth of their TV family, which means a lot.

Paula Jai Paula thanked the caters during interview—Now, you know that’s team spirit.

One for all, and all for one.

Don’t forget to tune-in tonight 9:00PM sharp #BOUNCETV

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