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Rajitheone Get's Downright Candid During Listening Session at AudioBox Studio in Charlotte, NC.

It’s Just Necessary Dopeness

RajItheone is actually from the south-side of Chicago, where as of late, it’s not uncommon for natives of the state [like Chance the Rapper] to make it into the music industry.

“As a child, growing up in Chicago, I was very intuitive and very logical early on, because you have to grow-up very fast in Chicago. I wasn’t dumb, nor ignorant, or bad, just because of my [stereoptyped] environment. I knew how to stay out of the environment [that was] most negative. I’ve always questioned life, the meaning, and how I’m going to make the most out of it. As a child in Chicago, I didn’t necessarily see the position that I’m in now.

After moving from Chicago to Minnesota, I took a chance [with music], and turned down my full-ride to college. I was going to become an Opthamalic Assistant.

The Producer, Songwriter and Hip Hop artist, transplanted into Minneapolis (MN) when he was 13 years old. He said that a lot of people from Chicago relocate there. He actually loves Minneapolis, (MN), but he wishes there was less gentrification, which seems to be a growing problem in predominantly black communities.

“People from Chicago, they hear about the resources in Minneapolis, and they move to Minneapolis, but they don’t leave the negativity behind; and then, all those black communities in those areas, they are being bought by contractors—then, you got the Super Bowl coming, and all the wealthy move from the suburbs and buy up all the property, and they kick the black people out of the burbs,” he spoke passionately about the subject.

Diplomacy might be one of his greatest qualities; nevertheless, it's secondary to his crazy gift as a rhymester, songwriter and producer.

The lyricist said that if he could describe his poetic reverberation it would be diverse, although there was a time that he didn’t think he had a sound.

“I’m just very expressive. The music is authentically me, and what I’m rocking with in the moment. For instance, if you played a track and it had a lot of soul or instruments, my R&B side would come out because I’d want to explore the track and get into some Marvin Gaye or some Otis Redding," he said.

“Even though I don’t sound that well, I’ll hum and get the melodies out, and just the expression, the feeling, and the emotions out, and [I] record that moment.”

If you put a rap track on it, and let’s just say it’s trap music, I’m going to give you a trap vibe just because I’m a millennial and I also do my research. I’ve studied tons of music. I can be on whatever side I need to be on.”

Rajitheone has an infectious delivery similar to Drake; however, he’s got his own rhythm as he stated. His memoirs are wedged between dope lines and an absorbing flow. Basically, the guy knows how to tell a great story with unique expression.

He took a couple of classes for audio productions in high school, and he also trained in theater for about 4 years.

“Consequently, it [the arts] ended up becoming a part of me. That’s my reason that I do music now. I put the time in, and I educated myself to perfect my craft. Eventually, after working ten-thousand hours on your craft, something has to give.

Rajitheone turned down a full scholarship so he could pursue music, but he wouldn’t experience success until sometime in 2017.

“It was just last year when my music went viral, [hashtag], #WhiteGirlVoice. I uploaded the song to SoundCloud just to test the market, to see if my authentic fans would tune-in— I had about thirty-thousand streams. Then, someone ripped it off SoundCloud and uploaded it to YouTube, and then it went viral on YouTube, going from three to five-million streams within a four week period.

Rajitheone admits that he was blown away by the reactions. He read every comment left under his videos and links. People compared his music to Drake, Bryson Tiller and Party Next Door. Fans didn’t care about similarities. The downloads just kept pouring in, and now the song is on thirty different platforms, clocking over 7 million streams.

His latest buzz single, #WhiteGirlVoice, it’s a relationship advisory where he’s already identified his dating setbacks. Basically, you can kick it with him, but use extreme caution because he suffers from tunnel vision. 

Rajitheone paints imagery where communication is obsolete-- and like most men who have other agendas, his imminent goals are more pressing than a connection, relationship or hookup.

There's no need to get offended by the jolty title or riff. Rajitheone ASSURES that his innuendos are simples things that people do daily, when clicking the 'ignore button' on the cellphone, and sending callers straight to voicemail; however, in his translation, he’s sending you to the ‘white girl voice.’

#WhiteGirlVoice is streaming on the airwaves in about 45 different cities—the song is 44 on the Urban Billboard Charts.

There's another single on his mix-tape called #Everything, it's a narrative about the come-up, and doing better than the lows of his life, when he was simply a dreamer.

Rajitheone’s lyrics are contemporary burning on the cords of conventional, and even though his voice is reminiscent to others before him, his story-line bleeds with creativity and practicality.

As for the listening party, Rajitheone shared that he wanted to have an intimate and in-depth connection [with attendees].

“We’re all human. Before I was an artist, I was just a guy working day-to-day, trying to figure out how to not work for someone else, and work for myself, while still pursuing my passions. We all work in this industry of entertainment and media, and I think as long as we’re connecting and getting to know one another, we can’t go wrong."

He also said that he would rather have two completed mix-tapes before shopping the album to his fans, so people will get excited about the actual lyrical blueprint.

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