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Ivory Latta Hosts Signing at Carolina Place Mall For Her Children's Book, "Despite The Heig

Ivory pictured with young supporter

WNBA Player, Ivory Latta, Tours Book Through Barnes & Noble at Carolina Place Mall

Charlotte, NC-- July 22, 2017-- WNBA Player, Ivory Latta visited the Queen City for a book signing at the Barnes & Noble in Carolina Place Mall, where excitement loomed as children lined up with their parents, to meet the all-star player.

Ivory drafted at number 11 with the Detroit Shocks in 2007, before signing to the Washington Mystics, where she started as a point guard under General Manager, Mike Thiabault.

Known for her humbling and die-hard spirit, Ivory not only scores on the court, but off the court as well.

Highlight of Ivory on court

Recently, the 32-year-old MVP published her first illustrated children’s book called Despite the Height .

The book details Ivory’s journey as one of the shortest players in the WNBA.

Speaking of her life voyage, Ivory is a native of McConnells, South Carolina. She attended York Comprehensive High School, where she was lead scorer in basketball, before entering into the North Carolina Tarheels.

At 5’6,” it’s noted that Ivory is known for her outstanding 3-pointers on the court as well as her dedicated spirit. A winner at heart who didn’t let height dictate the stages of her life where she could dream and make it into the WNBA.

The beauty within Ivory’s lifespan is absolute. Although making it into the WNBA is awe inspiring for shorties everywhere; Ivory’s philanthropic spirit is a whole other instrument that we get to see off court, and in the communities where she helps children to overcome their fears by being who they want to be, and dominating the minor and often times cosmetic setbacks of their pubescent lives.

Click here to watch interview at Carolina Place Mall

Click here to purchase Despite the Height

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