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#Bossbabes who run it: Jessica Mosley is leading by example in every exploratory way possible

The Indiana native is filled with brains, beauty and powerful beliefs.

Jessica T. Mosley instigates proactive and positive transformation without hesitancy.

As an excelling woman of virtue and owner of J.Mosley Publishing, the intrapreneur [manager within a company who promotes innovative product development and marketing] stopped by INterrupted to talk about entrepreneurship in addition to philanthropic work through empowerment and inspiration.

With a nifty background in finance, Jessica became VP of Retail Sales in Branch Management, ranking at #2 in the state of Indiana. The business guru is currently a Publicist, who owns her own talk show, “The Miz Ceo Radio Show (Formally The Queen Esther Radio Show), a program geared towards female entrepreneurs. The series airs in Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, and Detroit.

As for her philanthropic overview, Jessica overcame hardships of her own which is one of the reason she feels so compelled to help all women alike whose gone through some things whether domestic or otherwise. The fabulous composer of inspirational wealth is an author as mentioned above. She co-authored books with other women. For instance, Diary Confessions of a Happily Married Wife is parables from women that are poles apart in their occupations, but all sharing their earnest truth and wisdom about marriage.

Jessica not only pens her own storylines, but she’s a contributing writer for top-notch magazines and news sources like, , and

More recently, the clever writer is a board member for the Forbes Coaches Council. Yes! She is enthusiastically practicing and preaching at the same time… Girlfriend is the epitome of #Bosschicks who run it, but respectfully, Jessica is securing the bag with a tangible and spiritual deployment. While we are on the subject of her madly affluent encouragement, the inspiration behind Jessica’s compilation stories is more realistic than most people think.

Well, Marriage—the trouble that married women have and they go through, and just to let people know that you can have a successful marriage. It doesn’t always have to be happy a happy marriage, but you can have a successful marriage. (And) What do I mean by that? I believe that happiness comes from within. My first book collaborations, Diary of a Happily Married Wife , you’ve heard from different women, all different ethnic background and different groups, to level executive women and homemakers but, we all have the common denominator that we’ve arrived and that we all want to have a good marriage. When I got through interviewing everyone even though it didn’t make it into the book, the one thing I found out is that happiness comes from within. I can’t look to my husband to make me happy, so that was the Diary Confessions of a Happily Married Wife. That was more so the core message that I wanted to get out there and that happiness is something that you have to produce yourself.

Then you heard from different wives that have stayed in a marriage where there was some adultery and someone having a baby on you. One lady, she’s a high executive government official and VP that was part of the book—she and her husband’s mistress had a shootout, literally; but they’re still together after all that drama. They survived that, so it’s just a lot of things going on. You can have happiness within a marriage once you find out that happiness is not a derivative of anyone else but what is inside of you.”

After hearing that amazing testimony, we crept deeply into discussion about her next book entitled, “I’m a Praying Wife .

The Praying Wife , book, collaboration, that inspiration came from—well, I wanna say, God, Himself. While I was driving down the street, that vision came to me—this book, I’m a Praying Wife is a 40-Day guide to praying for your husband, and any woman that is married, who really wants to have a successful marriage. They know that prayer is the foundation of that marriage, okay? And sometimes you don’t know what to pray. Honestly, you don’t know, honestly, what to pray for your husband; so, here, you have 40 different prayers on 40 different subjects that your husband may come up against, and you’re able to ask a wife [to] pray for your husband. Let me tell you something, I know that God inspired it. I did not tell these women the topics to pray about. I said, ‘Solicit your prayers’ and it all came together."

Jessica said that she always wanted to be a writer even as an adolescent. She contributes the strong qualities of eloquent written expression from scribbling notes in class that were either dramatic or overly detailed. She also kept journals that she would scrawl daily.

It’s been said that if you write, then you must read to stay educated in your craft. This rings true for Jessica as well. She explained that she reads self-help manuals. Her favorite secular author is John C. Maxwell, and she prefers to read anything motivational and spiritual, with books written by John Bevere as the pinnacle read.

Preferring to gauge all inspirations and talents, Jessica chooses to co-author instead.

Here’s the thing, when you’re dealing with these types of topics… well, for Diary Confessions, it actually started off as a documentary. We all got together and flew into New York, and filmed. BET came over and filmed the documentary cause it was actually in the movie theater, here, in Indianapolis. That was something I wanted to do, to help other women become published authors. Sometimes, people don’t want to write books—this is just another way to add author to their portfolio.”

Jessica said that as far as the heavy topics of marriage, relationship, and voices, she wants different voices and opinions so people can identify with the authors and their stories. Rest assure, if there is another voice added to the layers of stories that Jessica publishes, she wants to make sure that she and the authors vibe, and that there is character, good integrity, and class added to the mixture of entrepreneurs and book writers.

Really targeting content and testimony, Jessica doesn’t publish all types of story—the message is typically moving and inspirational, a postmark of precision and candor.

With many rousing stories, Jessica can’t help but to feel some sense of empathy.

Well, when I hear some of these stories, let me tell you. First, let me tell you, I had uncles and aunts that were on drugs, okay. I have… my first father was murdered. I’ve had a lot of friends to be murdered. I’m from Gary Indiana. They used to call us the murder capital of the world. We were the murder capital for so many years, so I can identify. Um, I was molested at the age of six, so when people come to me, it’s just amazing that I’m being entrusted with these types of stories. A lot of times people can’t identify with you because they’ve never been through it, so the compassion level is different. So people spend money with you when they know that you care—that you actually care, and that you’re willing to help them create their story. I can identify with a lot of people that come to me cause I been there."

Jessica expounded further by saying that as for her humanitarian work, and life mission, she believes that she is a "dream catcher because she helps to make people’s dreams" come true.

As for moving and soul-stirring projects, Jessica is gearing up to release another inspiring collaboration that surrounds women who’ve survived domestic violence.

“I would have to say that [the project] is the most moving so far, and it comes out October of this year. I went through it, and I thought I had a bad situation. I really thought I had a bad situation, until I met some of these women, whom I have ex NFL-Player-Wives, and Ex NBA-Player- Wives, and some of the stories that they are telling me… OMG!”

Her life-path of helping women was preordained—Jessica understands it, and she accepts the calling

“I think that because… you’re about to make me cry. Um, I do [believe the path was already set] because you never know what a person is going through behind that smile; but I know. If I meet a person and I can talk to them for just a little bit, I know."

Jessica considers herself a Harriet Tubman of this generation. She plans to be a non-profit, and as for other projects, she is actually turning her book, “ I’m a Praying Wife ” into a national play.

Jessica balances her life by making her moments count—she considers time an astounding gift from God, and she treats it as such.

An entrepreneur by nature and a nurturer by default, Jessica chooses to aide women by meeting them where they are in life without judgment. She booms with a reassuring spirit and assists when necessary.

I think just by the sturdy characteristics mentioned above. we can safely assume that these traits make her an abolitionist for women in this day-and-age.

If you'd like to learn more about Jessica, you can order her collaborations online where all books are sold.

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Instagram: @jessicaellemosely

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