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#Bossbabes Who Run It: Creative Writer, Samantha Denäe Is Making Striking Name For Herself In The Ma

Easily compared to prominent storytellers, Zane and Shonda Rhimes, the Atlanta native offers visuals to her tale that are demonstrative and authentic.

In her breakout book, The Defense , Denäe steers readers into a universe filled with love, chaos and deceit.

Main character in the novel, Avery Middleton, goes through extremes while dealing with real-time issues. For instance, Domestic Violence is a catalyst for realism amongst other jagged incidents.

With so much imaginative detail, you’d think that the Denäe worked days without end, composing the manuscript.

When asked how she came up with the narratives for the story, “Well, I always wrote before. I had never written a story, book or anything like that. It was like poetry," she stated.

"I wanted to start a blog that had a Sex & The City feel, but kind of like a black version; and somehow, someway, I didn’t write the blog, but I wrote the book.

It came out of nowhere. I was bored at work, and I had done everything that I needed to do at work. I had an idea and I ran with it.”

Working as an HR Secretary for Kaiser Permanente, in addition to being a coordinator for the company’s mentorship program, Denäe would spend her lunch breaks originating a story that’s both intense and gripping.

Although, the novel took form by sheer accident, authoring isn’t something that happened by chance. Denäe crept into scripting using a savvy background in writing.

She attended Valdosta State University, earning a double major in Comunicatuons, Mass Media and Public Relations.

Those scholarly notches allowed her to work as a contributor for Kontrol and Upscale Magazine.

Her admissions are quite impressive to say the least!

Most writers who possess gaudy imaginations, they sometimes need preparations before penning a good storyline, but not Denäe. She said that even while walking to the bathroom, an idea can erupt out of nowhere.

Though she admitted that sageing her house and meditating are great ways to get into creative spirits.

Speaking of scripting, the novelist carved The Defense July 2015 and she published a book of poetry called, “ Traces In Her Mind: A Reflection of Life & Love December 2016.

The #Bossbabe said that she’d love to work with Zane, and freelance for XXL Magazine if opportunity presented itself. Denäe admits that she’s loved writing poems since 7th grade— poetry was her first true love. Although she developed a pubescent fondness for odes, Denäe wouldn’t appreciate it until she turned 21, and fully capable of publishing her own poesy.

As for being a self-published author, “You have to be very organized," she explained .

"It’s very meticulous. You must pay attention to all the detail, especially when you’re doing it by yourself. I mean, I don’t have any help. I do it all by myself. I make sure the cover is correct, and everything that’s in the book is portrayed the right way. It takes a lot of time going through the publishing and copywriting process, but in the end, it’s all worth it,” she admitted.

Denäe hasn’t discovered her actual fan base just yet, but she knows without doubts that book is a high commodity for women ranging from 26 to 40 years of age.

Utilizing social media, Denäe, doesn’t mind posting a million times a day just to keep followers abreast with the narrative.

“They [women] kinda relate to the book I wrote. Maybe they’ve been through similar situations, so it [the book] can kinda correlate with what they’ve been through in their life.”

Although Denäe authored the book, she should have a kick-azz favorite character, right?

“Avery is my favorite character because she’s kinda based off myelf, so I kinda put myself into her. Not everything about her is me, but for the most part, we are like the same," said Denäe.

Currently, the authoress is a fulltime flight attendant; however, she’s turned her attention to screenplays and philanthropy in her leisure pursuits.

“I have started writing the deets for the screenplays, and once I finish writing out all the deets, which is [the description] just like what each scene is about. I guess in Hollywood, there is a standard for screenwriting.

It makes it easier when writing out all the scripts. Once I finish writing out all the deets, then I’ll start writing the scripts, which probably wouldn’t be as hard because the book is out already."

Along with creative expression, Denäe is also a spokesperson for Women With Endometriosis. Recently, Denäe was diagnosed with Endometriosis. She explained to her Instagram followers about the negativities following her initial diagnosis.

“A lot of people don’t know about Endometriosis. Like, before I was diagnosed with it, I heard of it, but I didn’t know what it was. Doctors blow it off and make it seem like it’s not a real thing, and it is. I had seen so many doctors before, and no one had ever told me, ‘Oh, you may have Endometriosis. That’s why you have all this pain and that’s why you have all these problems.’

Nobody had said anything, and I finally found a doctor who said, 'I’m pretty sure you have Endometriosis.' She gave me a pamphlet to read up on it and I researched, and found out that more women in the world have Endometriosis than Breast Cancer.

I think that it’s so crazy that no one talks about it, and no one acts like it exists."

Denäe wants to start an endo walk in March, to help bring awareness to the ailment. As for now, it's all about the writing, which she's committed to doing in her past time.

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