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Adding Author to Her List of Amazing Triumphs, Gospel Recording Artist, Cassandra O’Neal Releases In

Cassandra O’Neal didn’t think that she could be an author. In fact, when she started out as a talented and high-spirited vocalist back in 2010, writing a book was the last thing on her mind. It wasn’t until Publicist and Brand manager, Jelani Hill, told Cassandra, “You should really write a book.” “I have to thank, J [ Jelani], for many things,” she said. “Before coming under the BrandUscript family, I just saw myself as a worship leader. When I sat down with J [Jelani] he started pointing things out, and I was astonished. His, showing me, allowed me to do other things. Since then, I’ve gone and done workshops, I published the book, and a few other things. I just got booked for a women’s conference in 2018, which is a (Spanish) bilingual workshop-- I’m bilingual.” Cassandra graduated Sum Cum Laude from Queen City Bible College. She’s an assistant director of worship, as well as a bilingual correspondent at the Camino Church at The Way (Concord, NC). About two years ago, Cassandra played Ophelia, in the local stage play, “Daughter of the King .” Slightly rehearsed in the artistic arena, Cassandra confirms that she had a vision years ago. For years, I was thinking about telling the story—the passion behind my praise. I looked up the word passion and found out that it meant pain. I thought if I showed people that even though I’m praising God, and it looks like everything is okay, I could share with them that behind the scenes, I’ve been going through some things. I was having some tough times, and yet, that still did not affect my praise. We are getting the victory over my daughter’s bipolar disorder. For the first step, we are starting our Facebook live video [tomorrow]," Cassandra spoke somberly. The catalyst behind her manuscript is heartbreaking, compelling and joyous at the same time. “I felt inspired by those words that someone thought I had enough to say, that I can put [my testimony] into a book. The things I was saying on social media and things I felt would encourage somebody, they thought that I could put into a book. So, I sat down and started writing. It was just amazing," she gushed. “I didn’t write in any kind of order. As a matter of fact, the very last thing that I wrote was the introduction." Cassandra continued to explain that the narrative is a combination of lessons and everyday life, knitted gracefully throughout the pages of her book. It’s not a religious tome; the paperback is consequent of a person’s relationship with God. “Some stories talk about victory and others say, ‘I didn’t quite get that right.' I learned as I went. Some of the stories have funny titles like, A Flip of Faith, instead of a Step in Faith. You have to read it because it’s a true story,” she laughed gleefully. A Flip of Faith is a simple and eloquently written passage that addresses the biblical ode, “Walking by faith and not by sight.” Cassandra had difficulties during the early part of her morning and towards the end of the evening, God shifted the situation that left her active and laughing uncontrollably. Since we were on the subject of her activities [no pun intended], Cassandra said she released a new single, which is a remix to her previous song called, “No Matter .” The track features the voice of Bishop Davis (Nations Ford Community Church), who was her first pastor for twenty-plus years. Aside from that delightful finding, we learned that the book is sold out, which is not surprising at all. Wrapping up the interview, it's pretty amazing to say that Cassandra's journey was life changing. Where she previously lived inside an exclusive shell-- she's carefree, relaxed and more transparent than ever before...a beautiful butterfly who accepted challenges though things seemed a bit awry.

She kept her composure and activated her faith.

Cassandra prompted us to recollect: Just because you're Christian, it doesn't mean you have to waddle in absolute perfection.

Let your hair down-- live without regrets.

Life is anything but perfect...

Thank you, Cassandra, for reminding us.

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