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In About 24hrs, #Themanns Hit Prime-Time In Spectacular Fashion, From Their Newest Home On #Tvone

Photo credits: TV ONE

Executive- in-charge producer, Lamar Chase said they were super-excited to have #themanns as part of their production.

The show’s executive producer of Bobbcat Films, Roger Bobb, promises that the sitcom isn’t a cookie cutter comedy. Viewers will get authentic reactions from all family members.

He also stated that his relationship with the family dates to when Meet the Browns aired in 2009.

Roger Bobb mentioned that he saw something more arresting in the family, and that the funniest stuff happens when cameras aren’t rolling, which is how the idea for #themanns originated.

Production execs aren't the only ones talking about the big transition, #themanns are equally elated about moving to their newest dwelling on #tvone.

While David and Tamela Mann have been filming, touring, and making appearances across the globe, they gave us a few moments of their time, to talk about the show.

“As usual, you can expect the unexpected,” David said. “There is a bunch of craziness. You know, without giving away everything, there’s some hilarious stuff happening this season.

I’ll give you one—one of the episodes, we face our fears, and let’s just say that everybody didn’t do too good… mainly, meaning, Tam,” David laughed while gently nudging Tamela under the bus.

“No, that’s the other way around,” Tamela spoke in defense. “[On a scale] This show is really from one to ninety-nine. This show is for the whole family, where you can sit down and experience this ride with us, #themanns, as we present our whole family; our children, and our grandchildren, friends and family. It’s been a fantastic time putting it together.”

Tamela and David both agree that this season offers comedy and cultured sentiments. Viewers will laugh and cry. Spectators will get to learn something about this wonderful family that propagates beneath the exterior.

Speaking of tender moments, in the breakout series, Tamela’s beloved pooch dies and she’s obviously heartbroken. Going through the motions is torture for her. When asked about her coping mechanisms, David responded first, “I can ruin the moment.”

“Yes, David, can,” Tamela laughed... "When I want to be sad, he don’t want me to cry. He always makes me laugh, and I’m like, ‘you can always ruin a moment,’ just like he said. Our pet, Smokey, was my first pet that I ever chose, and ever really had. I really grew to become a pet lover; so I see what people mean now. We lost a dog before, and David was upset, so I understand now. It’s just— I don’t know. I have a new outlook on pets."

“Yawl, don’t know. It’s bad now. She went from not liking pets at all, to going the extreme opposite direction with this dog,” David chimed comically.

David and Tamela’s on-screen and off -screen frolics are sincerely uproarious. This is who they are Monday through Sunday, and they don’t mind sharing their compassionate moments with the world.

For instance, in the first premier, just like David Sr. said, there will be many test, and some of the family won’t do well at all… and not just Tamela, so we can’t place all the blame on her. David Jr., had an issue that was... well, YIKES —but out of respect for the spoiler conundrum, we will certainly keep the mysterious experiments on the hush-hush.

“I think--I’m going to say this without getting an attitude… I think I did the best,” David resounded when talking about the friendly competitions.

Porsha and Tia Mann joined the discussion, through friendly interchange, both women agree that they get their behaviors from Tamela and David, although they say many of their stubborn antics comes from David… honestly.

Rightfully so-- the kids wade in the waters of great genes, integrity and character. Nobody is perfect, and at least they own up to their mistakes.

Speaking of traits, David and Tamela remarked that they can attribute their endearing and open bond, to 29-years of marriage.

Profound lovers before the fame, both have a great appreciation for each other… their union is serendipity.

They are real-life sweethearts that swoon with congenial delight. Figuratively speaking, you're not official until you've used the bathroom in front of your mate or get a pet name. Get this, David’s nickname for Tamela is, “Momma.”

The narratives for the show can't get any clearer.

After all the harrowing suggestions from reality TV, watchers finally get something that offers a different glance at drama… perhaps it’s not ratchet and racy; moreover, challenging as many family matters are—their situations heave at the heartstrings of morality.

More in-tune and faith-driven than onlookers can fathom, the family holds prayer before each show, which is another reason to fall head-over heels for the newest family that bravely integrated themselves into reality television.

The Manns take a whole other direction with the docu-series—the reactions down to the penny, is genuine.

From the bitter sweet conquest to earth-shattering jiffies, viewers will bear witness…

Could the #manns be the modern aged Cosby Show?

Who knows, you’ll just have to tune-in and see for yourself.

For more information on TV One’s The Manns, visit the network’s YouTube Channel and website at Viewers can also join the conversation by connecting via social media on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook (@tvonetv) using the hash tag #THEMANNS.

Launched in January 2004, TV One serves more than 60 million households, offering a broad range of real-life and entertainment-focused original programming, classic series, movies and music designed to entertain and inform a diverse audience of adult black viewers. The network represents the best in black culture and entertainment with fan favorite shows Unsung, Rickey Smiley For Real, Fatal Attraction, Hollywood Divas and The NAACP Image Awards.

In addition, TV One is the cable home of blockbuster drama Empire, and NewsOne Now, the only live daily news program dedicated to black viewers. In December 2008, the company launched TV One High Def, which now serves 14 million households. TV One is solely owned by Radio One [NASDAQ: ROIA and ROIAK,], the largest African-American owned multi-media company primarily targeting Black and urban audiences.

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