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Inspirational Magnet, Courtney Sanders Talks About Her Hip & Fabulous Conglomerate, Think &

Whimsical entrepreneur and motivational speaker, Courtney Sanders released “Think & Grow Chick,” mix-tape Vol 1.

The bustling beauty, along with BET’s Music Alumni, Leah Smith, collaborated and coined the company’s theme song, “Think and Grow” as one of the bouncy ciphers on the audio medium.

The mix-tape is a compliment to Sanders online course, “Think & Grow Chick, LLC,” a comprehensive accountability workshop for the phenomenal woman and the millennial Diva.

According to the vivacious dreamer, women needed a relatable program that encompassed goals and incitement for the modern woman.

“I started it [the website] right around the time that blogging became popular—I was inspired by a conference that I had gone to, and someone made the recommendation that I needed to read “Think & Grow Rich," and that’s where that part of the name came from [Think and Grow Chick]. I was super fascinated and I started applying the principles to my life.”

Sanders researched online and couldn’t find up-to-the-minute content that would appeal to women in her age group, so she created the blog with anticipation that readers would follow her journey and keep her accountable. She didn’t forsee that the “Think and Grow Chick" blog would become a business.

“I put it online with the hopes that someone would hold me accountable for some of this stuff, and to help me achieve my dreams,” she resounded.

Man, it was shocking because I have always been transparent. In the beginning, I was in credit card debt and I was on the verge of failing out of school, so I put everything online.

It’s not a big deal when you have ten readers, but when it became one-hundred, and then, one-thousand, I got nervous. I didn’t know if people were going to think less of me.”

The mogul was stuck with a fantastic dilemma, to either stop encouraging others who could relate, or continue with the transparency; but this time, with a precise plan to help women who needed a compassionate cheerLEADER.

Of course, she chose the latter.

Sanders still uses her initial ideologies to pursue her goals and dreams.

“I took one step at a time. I always tell people that you have to invest in yourself. I did that [built the business] with no money. I went to the library and checked out every book that I could, and learned through that. I used the financial empowerment principles and applied it to my first investment. I learned how to save money and cut back.”

Sanders worked part-time and learned to manage money, while still investing into her dream job, “Think and Grow Chick.”

From then until now, the #bossbabe continues to be “accountable” with a wealth of knowledge that she shares with others.

Sanders “stay winnin” because she alternates ideas and strategies for personal and professional self-development, by creating multiple manifestos for “Think and Grow Chick.”

Hence, the mix-tape.

Through fun and encouraging vocal/melodies, the 28-year-old uses reviving instrumentals and energetic counsel, to inspire women.

The Detroit native presented the book as a training and development guide using philosophies from the “Think & Grow Chick” online seminars.

In addition to the development phases of her organization, Sanders lectured and developed training programs for many organizations, including “The White House My Brother’s Keeper and Council on Women and Girls, Black MBA’s, Credit Karma, as well as her personal and entrepreneur development curriculums for organizations such as Urban League: Young Professionals and Women’s Business Enterprise: National Council (WBENC)."

All of her accomplishments derived from an intense moment of juggling college and trying to maintain a budget during her educational excursion.

Good and bad experience, helped to characterize the program, which is the reason Sanders is able to give expert advice even though she doesn’t claim to be a specialist.

“I always tell people I’m not a guru, I’m the guinea pig. I’m just a girl, who was passionate about personal development. These are the principles that I learned, to transform my own life. In the course of doing that, I accidently created a platform to help other millennial women do the same.

“I’ve done “Think and Grow Chick, which is an online education and training company, which really helps millennial women to grow into their potential within their personal and professional lives.

I’m really passionate about it, and that’s my main gig,” she said.

College is a frightening experience especially for the struggling student, and with budget cuts, changes to Federal subsidiary programs, the negative compressions could affect students in the near future.

Creatively speaking, Sanders story is more relevant than ever, and more profitable than it was when she experienced it about 7 years ago.

Now, students and women have a road map to follow, and although the demographics for Think and Grow Chick sits between 25 and 39 years of age, that doesn’t mean that freshmen students can’t get what they need from the website, [weekly] podcast, as well as the mix-tape.

The motivational instructor is able to utilize her prowess to circumnavigate between helpfulness and hopefulness, as her business continues to ascend.

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