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Sounds Of The QC Brings Friendly Hip Hop Competition to Charlotte,NC

On February 27, 2017, a press junket was held at the Underground in Charlotte, NC by Mayor Jennifer Roberts.

Roberts stated that she and a group of publicists, media reps, local hip hop artist and poets, would be hands on fortifying a cultivation of the arts by means of hip-hop, with a new venture called SoQc [Sounds Of The QC].

Committee Members for SoQC/ Click photo for Instagram account

Though the conference lasted about 20 minutes, we learned that SoQc was created as a gateway to reach and communicate with students who utilize the rap culture daily.

In fact, Roberts said that most young people don’t learn traditionally. In so many words, she said that children typically utilize the arts as their sanctuary.

The mayor also mentioned the many positive facets that the youths learn locally through our beloved North West School of the Arts.

According to Roberts, music helps to connect us, and it’s considered an entryway that keeps kids focused and interested in school while on grade-level.

These are intriguing findings coming from the Mayor, which we are glad to see this juncture taking form…

About 14 years ago, politician, Kwame Kilpatrick ran for Mayor and won, using hip hop lyrics to generalize and relate to the younger generation.

Though we are sure that Roberts agenda is completely different than the “Hip Hop Mayor.” We are thrilled to see it in a more positive light, as it was meant to be, when the Sugar Hill Gang presented it to the masses on a national scale in 1979.

Yes, hip hop changed since the days of funk and synthesizing instrumentals. Now, we see talent on a larger spectrum with profound sentiment.

Furthermore, we’ve seen the damage that political affiliates can do with this knowledge of connecting to the youth.

Which is the reason the culture is so important. It’s not going anywhere, so why not cultivate it with affirmative embrace.

We think it’s about time that someone with sound mind and moral integrity use the rap culture for the greater good of young people and it’s music enthusiast, which is where the SoQC comes into play.

SoQC is promoting a hip hop contest for young folks that’s rolling until April 3, 2017.

Another contest dedicated to the older generation is resuming during the fall.

Submissions for the Spring contest is ongoing until that time.

Visit the SoQc website or more information: Sounds Of The QC

Twitter: SoQc

Instagram: SoQc

Facebook: SoQc

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