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  • Martie Bowser

Artist TiZ Releases Amorous Single

Finding the ideal mate is never easy-- its like shooting for the moon and stars while your feet are planted firmly on the ground of reasoning.

For artist TiZ ( Raymon Phillips), he talks about that in his latest admissions...

Everyone loves a love story, even if it’s not the perfect one. On his new song “How It Goes” produced by DJ Proe, TiZ and M.Rose put words to an all too familiar question of what direction to take a relationship.

With nothing off limits TiZ steps into a touchy zone and gets pretty up close and personal with his feelings for a special someone.

M.Rose who made a name for herself as a cover queen on Vine and YouTube allows her soft runs to act as a voice of reason to TiZs no holds barred lyrics.

Seamlessly riding an original production by DJ Proe, TiZ and M.Rose proved while taking it slow is fine, knowing exactly what you want is so much better.

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