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Law G Visits the Queen City For a Listening Party Hosted By South Coast Music Group

Photo Credit: Brandon Collins

Considered a “Secret Weapon” by Good Life Music, rap artist Law G (KravitZ) turned up the heat on their dynamic moniker, making it a visual certainty for those needing a reminder about the versifier.

Recently, the wordsmith peeled through Charlotte, NC and made a pit stop at #AudioBox Studio for a listening party on February 4, 2017.

During his stopover, the vocalist let us sample singles from his older works and newest mix tape, which encompassed blistering wordplay over pungent beats. The biting and yet saucy lyrics told compelling stories about his upbringing and where he is now lyrically.

Law G currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia, but he's a native of Cameroon, Africa.

We're not even sure about his reasons for making such a grandiose move to the U.S, but we're glad that he did.

Hopefully, as an African decent, Law G doesn't get caught up in the diplomacy and immigration legalities.

Our Potous better leave this one alone, he's contributing to the arts, as a musical enclave to be exact.

Speaking of... Law G said that he’s been rhyming for the past 14 or 15-years, but didn’t consider it a profession until about 4 years ago, when the independent label (GLMG) was created in Atlanta, Georgia.

"It got serious, but before that, I think it was practice,"he said.

[Breakout album I Need That, hit January 2015]

During one of his discussions, Law G elaborated on how the crab in the barrel mentality is real in his hometown of Atlanta. He mentioned that people from Charlotte welcome him with open arms and treat him with respect, while the DJ’s and artist in the impervious #A, don’t show as much love, though the city is heavily known for its commonality and outrageous entertainment scene.

“I really don’t know how to avoid it... Atlanta is big, and it’s not everybody that’s acting wild. I have some real cool DJ’s that always show love, but when some don’t, it’s rough,” he said.

The rhymester stated that he considers himself a hip-hop artist opposed to a rapper… “I say I’m a hip-hop artist cause it’s more music and it’s not just about making a hit record. It’s more to it, the sounds and the feeling you get.

With my music, you’re going to feel something. I don’t know what it is, but you’re going to feel it. I didn’t just go in there [the studio] and just make that up. I’m gonna freestyle the whole time and you’re gonna think that I pieced it [lyrics] together.

I say hip-hop because with rap, it seems like you just threw it together. Hip-hop is the culture and it’s deeper than rap,” the passionate artist conveyed.

Law actually levitated to the top with his latest hit “Know Me”, featuring Gucci Mane, and produced by Zaytovan the G.O.A.T.

Zaytovan made the connections between Law G, Ghost, and Gucci Mane, to create the grande track “Know Me.”

What more can we say about the collective song other than #BARS.

Gucci’s gritty riff compliments the edgy track, only adding pigment to the gaudy and upbeat song.

Another sample that we were able to take a musical whiff of was a song that Law dedicated to his late cousin—“I definitely owe it to him to keep this music going. I do so much, it doesn’t make sense… If you heard that record I played, when I said, “All that turning up we did, lets get paid off it.” It’s because Bro used to go crazy, not even for me, but for Good Life Music. After he passed, my whole thing was this [music] is for him too.”

Teary eyed when he spoke about his cousin’s premature death through gun violence, Law promised to keep the movement going because his cousin expected so much of him and his music.

Law G says that his journey is definitely spiritual and he believes in the signs—“You gotta see how fast that this is takin(g) off. I meet so many people because of this—good people! I met ya’ll! Everything that’s happening, it’s positive. I’m ready to take it to the next level. I’m excited about that. It’s weird. I be seeing weird signs that make me over-think. It’s really what it is, for real."

The artist said that he was dropping a video entitled “No Love" with Big Bank. We’re reenacting “Shottas” the movie, and we kilt it. You can’t mess up “Shottas” or you will get roasted the longest way. You can’t mess that up.

I think I killed my acting through the script, but I still could use a little work.”

Law says he would love to get into film because he did such a great role while working on the video.

The artist is optimistic and full of trueness. He peeks for a second, over his life, but inclines to keep moving forward and onward to a lengthy and affluent career.

Photo Credit: Brandon Collins

Follow his movement @law_goodlife

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