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When the "Unbreakable Truths" Empowerment Brunch Rolled Through Charlotte Straight Up The

CEO's from left to right: Charity Washington( Multifaceted Powerhouse), Vonyetta(Radio Personality),Tameka Reynolds( Business Owner), Yandy Smith (Music Manager/ LHHNY), Katrina Walker (Multimillionaire), Vivian Billings(Radio Persobality, Gossip columnist/Gossip Viv), Tonya D Rivera (Founder of Helping Hands Adult Services), and Tamika McReynolds(Community Leader)


No longer recluses hiding behind a wall of ignominy, they shared their scarlet letters— things that that were precious and dear to them. Stains that loomed in each of their lives like dark and eerie shadows. Finallly, those instances laid bare and ungirded, the affecting moments of truth...

They shed tears and comforted one another, open and honest, because one story was no greater than the next, or more poignant than the last…

Equal in their truth, they sat, contentedly like an array of beautiful flowers, connected by reformed virtues and undamaged drive.

Their unequivocal victories screamed with indescribable delight, in lieu of remorse, they share a testament of unbroken truth...

On February 4, 2017, Katrina Walker hosted the “Unbreakable Truths” Women’s Empowerment Brunch in Charlotte, NC, where a panel of celebrities and entrepreneurs talked about overcoming the darkest moments of their lives, which changed them and their circumstances for the better.

The brunch helped to kick off Walker’s newest memoirs, “Unbreakable," which published January 2017.

Elaborating on the engagement, and although the speakers shared different circumstances, each of their outcomes were the same.

The women went from rags to riches, broken to unbroken, while standing in the limelight of transparency.

Yandy Smith, from VH1’s Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, pretty much moderated the discussion.

Smith talked about all the trouble that she acquired (being on the run from the U.S. Marshalls) while filming the popular show.

Smith wearing an all-white blazer


Another moving testimony came from Vivian Billings-- her story would strangle the soul of a child, or maybe just the one that she left in her past...

When Billings spoke through muffled tears, her energy spread across the room like a wildfire.

The audience sobbed for their sister in unison and embraced Billings with solidarity.

Billings in red two-piece suit


The event lasted about two hours, and people were either intrigued, enlightened or relieved because during those 120 minutes, women learned that they weren't alone in the struggle; and by goodness, even though some might've gone through hell twice, they didn't look like what they had been through.

Well done, Ladies!

Moved by all sorts of emotions, I think it's safe to say that the turnout was a raving hit!

Thank you so much Mrs. Walker, for sharing your Unbreakable truth, and allowing us to burry ours, once and for all!

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