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Lauren Quatavia Scores Recurring Role on Season 7 of AMC's Hit Series, The Walking Dead

So how possible is the impossible? In other words, how does an actor/actress get such a dope opportunity even when half the characters on the set are getting killed clean off?

For 26-year old Quatavia, she continuously checks listings on the internet for not just reprising roles, but characters that allow exposure of her many talents. That’s pretty much it!

She’s always searching for the next best thing, and when the listing popped up, Quatavia knew that the television show was a shoe-in.

“I submitted my information to the casting site. Every time I see a breakdown that fits my type, I submit. They contact you and tell you to come in for auditions, but for that particular role, I actually got a direct booking because I had the look they were going for. I think it was two-weeks later when I came in for fitting and filming,” she said.

Lauren Quatavia: pictured on the left of Negan

The actress has been in the entertainment industry since 2008, working the television WGo Network’s: Whatz Going On TV, as well as short films (with movies like "Fist Fight"), including her work as a commercial print model, and in addition to the interviews that she conducts for:

Quatavia recently participated in the “The Code Red Tour” with R&B vocalist, Monica & the XSO Band.

Rest assured, the #bossbabe isn’t all work—when she isn’t acting, modeling or interviewing, the worker-bee spends much needed time with her daughter… “I’m in a new state. I’m originally from New York. To answer your question, I’m able to move around and do all that I’m able to do because of my support system. I have a great family. My daughter is with my dad right now,” she laughed.

Of course, like any working mom that grinds her butt off to build a legacy, Quatavia has something positive to show her kid.

“It’s actually so funny," she said.

"When my daughter first saw it, I was actually recording it (the show) for Snapchat and Facebook. I told my daughter that she needed to settle down for a minute. After I recorded it, she said, ‘Momma, that looks just like you!’ She (my daugher) asked, ‘Momma, what are you doing in there and you’re right beside me too!'

Quatavia said that she was just as proud as her daughter, because acting on a television role is different than filming for a video—“Man, my nerves were shot. I remember telling my publicist, 'I didn’t think I can do it!” she chided.

The New York native maintains a self-affecting demeanor even though she’s accomplishing so much at a young age, which is such a delight to see!

Of course, along with being meek, Quatavia said that she gives a lot of credit to her publicist for telling the world about what she does and keeping her in line, even when she feels ready for the big situations.

Quatavia said that he’ll sit her down like a parent and smack her on the hand with a chastising whack, “No, you aren’t ready,” she joked about their blossoming relationship.

Aside from acting, the thespian said that she aspires to be a social worker. “I still want to pursue that. I’m moving to Atlanta by the second week of February—I’m going to look at schools while I’m out there, and If I couldn’t be a social worker, I’d be acting. I don’t think I have the energy to be the president of the United States," she scoffed.

Another intriguing tidbit about the charismatic actress is that she has a favorite flake opposed to hues… "I don’t have a favorite color—I like gold and purple glitter.”

As for free time, benevolence precedes her, “I spend all of my leisure time with my daughter,” she confirmed.

Oh, how I loved the interviewing latitude that we were in! Lauren Quatavia reminds me of a contemporary warrior- princes whom sticks by her principles, fights for what she wants, and is loyal to her family, and respectful of the #Girlcode as a mother.

She’s successful and still walks in a bayou of meekness, that’s both admirable and infectious.

She shares the wealth of wisdom freely, “I tell anyone that’s aspiring to be great: Keep going! Don’t get distracted. Laugh a lot and remember that if it’s not helping you to move forward, then you need to leave it behind,” she said.

Catch The Walking Dead on Sunday at 9pm Eastern Standard Time—lookout for Lauren in her role as one of Negan’s wives—creepy, right?

The actress made her way to Fox News Charlotte a couple weeks ago while showcasing fashions from KLAASHAS ClOSET/I'merge PR Firm

For bookings:

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