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Just Raven Is Taking On The Local Music Scene Openly, Stylishly & Unapologetically

The Charlotte NC native has a style similar to Erykah Badu with the lyrical trimmings of Jill Scott.

Though she vies to be the best vocalist in the business, Just Raven actually works full-time until she can perform her music round-the-clock.

“I work for Carolinas HealthCare System: Levine Cancer Institute. I’m an Outreach Specialist for the cancer patients,” she said.

Just Raven loves helping people whether it’s on her job or using that beautiful lyrical-expression of hers, to serve as a healing instrument.

And speaking of her melodies, the versifier actually began singing when she was much younger, but she didnt discover her sound until hearing the melodic dopeness of Laruyn Hill.

“I’ve been singing for a while, but I started taking it more seriously in 2014.

“God didn’t grant me a gift, for me, not to use it. Give Him a little and he’ll supply everything else,” she said.

Ever since then, I’ve been in and out of a few things, but I’m one of those people that believes, ‘My current situation is not my final destination,' so I stick with it.

I was blessed to partner with PJ Manderville, and I’m working with him. Since then, I’ve seen a big difference in the progress I’ve been making."

Just Raven said that she realized it was time to get a manager when she didn’t know the business side of the entertainment industry.

The soloist confirms that she was defrauded in the earlier stages of her career when she was signed to a talent agency without her permission.

“It really dawned on me when I realized how passionate my manager was. He always kept up with my progress and we were always working on projects that either he had, or I had, and it was just a good fit—it just went from there. He’s awesome!” she declared animatedly.

Singing is one of the greatest talents that anyone can own; however, it’s a business once you decide to utilize that gift… Raven said that people took advantage of her endowments and she missed out on a lot of opportunities due to not having the proper management. All that changed once she began working with Color Star Media Group (

“It took me going through those situations to realize that I needed someone to represent me,” she said.

As a budding vocalist in a growing city, Just Raven works constantly to stand out among other female artist that live in North Carolina although she wishes there was more unity between the vocalist.

“We have a lot of selfish artist here, that don’t want to get together, join like minds, or broaden their horizon and bring the scope to Charlotte, the way it is in Atlanta. I’m more open to working with other people. I don’t discriminate.

I feel like Charlotte really needs to come together and create a solid platform. Atlanta is like that because they have the support of the city, and it took some time for that to happen. Charlotte is at a place that it doesn’t want to support you and its mind is made up until you go somewhere else and blow up.

Wow, Just Raven summarized her feelings about the lack of partisanship within the Queen City. On the contrary, this is one of the staggering issues of many. The cultural and negative superiority that Charlotte seems to permit... it’s without lag.

That knowledge doesn’t hinder the singer at all, although it definitely serves as a disappointment. Just Raven focuses on the positive sustenance in her life, like her daughter. She said that the six-year-old is her biggest fan, and not to mention she also has a strong support system with family and friends, who believe in her ambitions…

Just Raven has a strong, internal support system, which allows her to sustain.

“I am aware that there is a possibility—there is greatness within me that I want to share with the world. Everything that I’ve been through is necessary because it’s going to touch on someone else that I might have met, or it’s in the future for us to meet, and we might not meet at all. It might be a song of mines or a commercial—it’s humbling. It makes you humble yourself.

It’s a goal of mine, to pose to other people, “You can follow your dreams. You don’t have to get tied down to the stereotype of a nine-to-five. It’s not just a nine-to-five because I have an eight-thirty-to-five. If you have to work, that shouldn’t stop you.'

A lot of people feel as though they have to be part of a system that was created, where they are working for someone else, just to leave a legacy. I’m not spending my life working for a company that I’m not ever going to be a part of. Their legacy doesn’t apply to my family, my daughter, my six-year-old. It’s not something that’s permanent in regards to her growth or her benefit, and my future grand kids, or anybody for that matter.

My goal is to prove to other people that you don’t have to limit yourself. You can do those things. You can go and live in Atlanta.”

The wise singer declares openly that nothing is holding her back from chasing and obtaining her dreams.

Just Raven is releasing her newest record during Spring of #2017 entitled You’re Gonna Wish, with “Euphoria” as that attention grabbing single. The album is thought provoking lessons about life revolving around the motto, “You’re Gonna wish that you listened to me.”

It’s not like a shots fired,” said Raven, “but it’s an eye-opener cause I’m putting everything that I got into this album and I just want people to pay attention.”

The charismatic singer is getting where she wants to be in the musical field by not rushing the process and taking things one day at a time.

“I want people to get to know me as an artist, a performer, and as a person. I want people to know that I’m dedicated and I’m humble. I want people to believe that anything is possible."

Just Raven performed at Red @28 a couple weeks ago, and she’s set to hit the stage again on January 15th 2017.

You can follow just Raven on her social networks and keep up with the buzz—there’s more in store from this shinning songbird, just you wait and see:

Latest colaboration

"Struggle Baby" by Lil Jr. ft Just Raven

Production/Music Engineers that Just Raven uses:

Pat Bac Production- Charlotte NC

Slangin Inc.- Charlotte NC

Carolina Kitchen-Charlotte NC

Treehouse Studio, - Charlotte NC

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