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Jae Gee Releases New Sounds

Jae Gee, one of Charlotte (NC's), young and influential Recording Artist & Film Directors, just released his latest project, GWAP: Birth of a Gwap God.

This is the first installment of a three-part album series, which is expected to be disbursed throughout 2017 and 2018.

The 24-year-old filmographer and rap artist said that the sequence is a narrative that tells his story about working from the bottom and ascending to the top.

Jae Gee began directing and producing about a year and a half ago—he says that this is just the beginning. He has more in-store for his supporters and lovers of music.

How long have you produced records? How long have you been a rapper? Isn't this considered double dipping?

I've been rapping for as long as I could remember. Slim Hood is my older brother—he’s a producer in North Carolina. He (My brother) started at the age of fourteen, and I've always wanted to be like him; so when I was eight or nine, I learned to write music and record music by myself.

Ever since then, I've been molding my musical style. I never thought I would become a successful Video/Film producer. I kind of picked the skill up out of nowhere.

I purchased a camera so I could help someone else find a way out of the streets. I was also looking to put the camera in someone else's hands, to document my music career. Things didn't work out as planned. I tried out film, to see if I could learn and teach someone else. Around that same time, that’s when I found out I was good at it… I've been filming ever since.

You said your sound is the "new wave of music.” How so?

I call my music a "new wave" because my music has an original sound and feel. It still lives up to modern-day hip hop. I strive to create different styles and sounds in my records. I think North Carolina needs a particular flavor that other artist can run with. I just want to start culture here in NC, because we're missing something.

As a producer and artist, do you think it's important to stay hands-on, to get ahead of musical trends?

I feel that staying hands-on is a great way to get what you need done, exactly how you want it done. I'm blessed to be able to write my own music and edit my own musical videos. If other artist could do it, I'm sure they will. One way or another, I plan to expand my brand.

How many artists have you worked with total?

I have musical production with over one-hundred artist including local and national artist like.

Are your credits verifiable with renowned artist?

I have credits with the Migos, Skippa Da Flippa, Young Dolph, SeanP of The Youngbloodz, Baby Jesus, Dre Murro, Mr. 704 and many more.

Is this one of three mixtapes? When are the others being released?

Yes, Birth of a Gwap God is the first mixtape from the GWAP three-part series. I plan to follow-up with the release of Life of a GWAP God September 2017. GWAP the World is the last of the three-part series, and I'm looking to release that during March of 2018.

Why is it important to release a three-part series?

I chose this three-part series, to give my fans a look at where I came from, where I’m going, and where I’m headed. My fans are most important. They mean everything to me. I'm doing this for them. I have fans from many different backgrounds.

Artist: Jae Gee (@jaegee3gm)

Album: GWAP: Birth of a Gwap God

Producer: Slim Hood (@iamslimhood)

Label: Platinum Plus Recording ©

Album and Mixtape Links:

Social Media Links:

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