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Slim Hood Takes Destiny by The Reigns & Celebrates to The Beat of Victory

Slim Hood doing what he does

Michael Warlick (known to industry professionals as Slim Hood) grew up in Charlotte, NC, where he always felt the need to experiment with music.

At 15-years-old, he loved the complexity that came with making beats and sounds.

“My love and passion for being a Music Producer and Engineer, it’s not something that everyone enjoys doing. I like doing it, so why not?”

Now, at the age of 29, the Recording Engineer owns and operates Platinum Plus Recording Studio (Matthews, NC), a full-time parlor and residency program for local artist in addition to well-known celebrities.

He’s worked with the late lyricist, Bank Roll Fresh, which is pretty impressive when you consider the time frame versus having an inexplicable gap within production history.

“I started doing it professionally at 25 or 26-years-old. I always had studios at my house, and people would pay me to do sessions there. I had the studio, but it wasn’t on a commercial level.

Slim Hood was a little abashed when he shared his next statement, “Basically, in 2008, I went to Federal Prison on my first charge, and got out around 2012 or 2013. I worked at McDonalds from 2013, and then I opened the studio in 2016.”

His charges ranged from possession of firearms, stolen guns, to drugs. Slim Hood said that he did a lot of things and that still didn’t stop his hunt for providence.

Taking the good with the bad, the ambitious Producer/Music Engineer worked at McDonalds, and saved up enough money to fund his own operations.

He said that it was a lot of work, but he wouldn’t change anything from his past because those instances arrived him to the pivotal points of his life.

“This really wasn’t the plan... I always wanted to do music although I didn’t have a studio. When I came home from prison, my intentions were to go back to school, but I decided to open up a studio.

School may not always be there, and you might not be able to pursue your dreams. You could get married, you might have kids, and you might have health problems.

If you get a chance to chase your dreams, take it, cause the job and school will always be there. Your dreams won’t. Chase that dream if you’re able to do it,” he resounded.

“I tell a lot of people as far as artist, producers and engineers, anybody… you really gotta work.

I had the pleasure of meeting Bankroll last summer because me and my manager was going to all The Street Execs meet and greets.

I kept introducing myself over and over. He (Bankroll Fresh) just remembered my face.”

Slim Hood elaborates further by saying that he in-boxed (Social Media) Bankroll Fresh, who attended a movie premier, here in Charlotte.

Bankroll Fresh remembered Slim Hood, just as he said, and the rapper commenced to working with him.

The passionate producer confirms that his session with Bankroll Fresh was a personal crusade of many more distinguished work to follow.

Speaking of characterized business, Slim Hood looks at his studio as not just a service, but a lifestyle.

Slim Hood making fire beats-- Take a look!

“I’m there all day. Everybody knows that they can find me there, most of the time. It’s just a place where artist can come and be able to vibe, get good vibes, and good energy, while they get into their hold of creation.... That’s the most important part about the studio and what I bring into the studio game.”

Slim Hood understands how difficult it is to get noticed in the industry, so the clever producer started a marketing program to help artist and entrepreneurs, grow their brand by getting the word out about their businesses.

“People focus on the money, money, money, and what they need to focus on is the brand. Your business is a brand,” he said.

He went on to say, “When you brand your business, the money lasts longer, and you’re providing a service. Anyone can open a studio, but when you’re giving them something that they can’t get anywhere else, they are willing to drive a little further and wait a little bit longer.”

Though Slim Hood comes off as business focused, all work, and no play, he actually takes time away from the studio and gives back to the community.

During this past summer, Platinum Plus Studios sponsored a back-to-school drive, along with Super Kutz Barbers Shop, and a few other companies.

The group gave away about 115 book bags, and school supplies, to the families within the area.

“We definitely look forward to doing it again. I think as a business, you might be giving a service, but you’re taking from the community at the same time.

If you take, you gotta give back. If a customer supports your business, you gotta take time out from your business to give back. If you can’t give back, they shouldn’t support you anyway."

Aside from that sobering insight, Slim Hood proves to be a model businessman as well as a behind-the-scenes humanitarian.

Recent collaboration

With over 4000 studio sessions under his belt, it's easy to see that he is the personification of forward-thinking and perseverance.

After the release from prison, Michael Warlick/ Slim Hood didn’t allow the past to exaggerate or make a negative impact on his future.

If the entrepreneur needed to catch the city transit, so he could market his brand, then that’s exactly what he did.

The flourishing producer is able to evolve because he doesn’t utilize egotism or hold grudges.

In ordered to succeed in an already shifty and devaluing industry, he understands all too well that a person must humble himself and walk unafraid, beyond criticism and ridicule, regardless of the odds crammed against him.

Slim Hood encourages everyone to chase their dreams no matter what.

VIsit the social media handles, and websites for more information:

Instagram @iamslimhood

Instagram @platnumplus704

Snapchat platunmplus704

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